Swarovski Plastic Rondelles are Here!

If you’re looking for lightweight fun and elegant year-round sparkle, try our newest plastic rondelle beads from Swarovski! These little plastic components are designed for use in all types of accessories because of their lightweight appeal and continued eye-catching shine, opening up new possibilities for jewelry makers. Their size and shape is ideal for spacing between larger crystals, and their plastic material allows for less friction against finer components.

Available in different finishes and different colored stones, these mini rondelles offer your looks versatility while maintaining sophistication. Since they’re waterproof they would be perfect to use in athletic wear or for sweltering summer styles! Whether you want to stay classy by the pool or meet a hot date right after work, the plastic rondelles help create the perfect jewelry for any occasion. Browse all of our Swarovski plastic rondelles that can be incorporated into any idea!


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    Interesting product…I like the idea of them being water proof…so often people ask if they can wear bracelets, etc., in the water!


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    Those are the transparent rondelles, not silver. My regular online retail supplier carries them for $.30 each versus your listed $.68 each.

    Will you be stocking the gold and silver ones as well?

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