How to Find the Perfect Charm

How to find the perfect charm

It all starts with an idea. A little spark inside your heart moves to your mind, quickly relaying impulses to your fingers to get designing. You compile every piece, every component, together on your table and lay them out in a pattern. Sometimes you put things back, other times you smile at the idea that is soon to be real. But is something missing? You pull a small charm out of a drawer, one you’ve been saving for just the right piece. You place it in your pattern, and like a puzzle piece, it fits perfectly!

Okay, not all of our designs get to take this beautiful journey. But, with the right jewelry charm, any idea can come together. How do you find the perfect charm? It depends on three key factors: who it is for, what the occasion is, and what kind of design will it be a part of. Let’s break down each of these.

Who it is For
If you’re making a design for someone you know, try and use a charm that matches that person’s personality. If they’re a cat lover, try using a cute cat charm. You could even use alphabet beads to spell out a special message that only you two would know. There are a number of different charms, so zero in on what about them you want to highlight. If it’s a design for you, then determine what this piece is going to mean to you.

What the Occasion is
This may help narrow down the perfect charm, too. If you’re making a design for Christmas, find your favorite Christmas charms. If it’s for a birthday, spell out the name or use a picture frame charm to capture a memory.

What Kind of Design Will it be a Part of
This one’s simple: Are you making a bracelet, necklace, earrings or using the charm in a crafting project? You don’t want to use a big charm that practically looks like a pendant on a single-stranded bracelet, so determining the type of design will help narrow down your charm selection.

These helpful tips are merely suggestions, and we do encourage you to think outside the box. If you want to put a Christmas charm on a friendship bracelet that’s great! The best part about making jewelry yourself is that you get to decide what it looks like. If you’re still stumped and searching for a starting point, browse our Learning Center for jewelry and craft ideas.


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