Learn About Dakota Stones

Have you seen our new collection of gemstones from Dakota Stones? These beautiful, high-quality beads are carefully selected through visits to the mines and extensive fashion trend research. We’re excited to be carrying these incredible new stones, and we know you’ll love using them to create unique jewelry. Read our Spotlight on Dakota Stones and then shop our vast collection today!


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    Hey Marissa…just checked out the Spotlight on Dakota Stones as well as your collection!

    I too love Labradorite…lapis is also a favorite…I love the simplicity of the labradorite along with the surprise flash of color! I do look for labradorite with blues… The dark blue with the flecks of gold in the lapis is what draws me to it…of course I’m a fan of blues, so that helps!

    I notice there aren’t any labradorite in the Dakota collection…will this be coming eventually?

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      Thanks, Heather!

      I’m glad you liked the story. We’re really excited to be working with Dakota Stones. We will be having another launch of their gemstones in the future, and anticipate carrying Labradorite with the new collection.

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