New Swarovski Innovations for Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the newest Innovations from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for Fall 2013 and Winter 2014! This season is all about what Swarovski calls glocalization—an embracement of one’s national heritage and local traditions (possibly in response to the Olympic Games). For Austrian-based Swarovski, this meant delving in to the folkloric charm of their country with new colors and shapes.


Crystal Blue Shade
This universally unique new color displays a smoky blue whisper that is both romantic and strong, creating a fresh and sophisticated feel. With just a shimmer of silver streaking through its slate blue hue, Crystal Blue Shade is like the still, moonlit water.

Light Turquoise
This is a color that has to been seen to truly appreciate its beauty! It’s a new kind of blue, but still has a familiar feel—a perfect blend of Aquamarine and Blue Zircon. Light Turquoise is meant to reflect the blue skies of Alpine treks, along with cool arctic winters and Caribbean summers. Pair it with earth tones for lovely contrast or a black and white pattern.

Neon Green
Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, this pre-launch color comes off of the successful neon pearl colors from earlier this year. Now you can add this deep, vibrant green to your collection of crystal pearls when your designs need a real color pop!

Neon Red
Neon Red is another spring/summer 2015 Innovations launch. This pumpkin-red pearl further demonstrates the power of neon pearls.

The timeless pearl is getting a boost of elegance with the very sophisticated Grey shade. With Light Grey and Dark Grey already on the market, you can now create a cascading effect of grey pearls in your jewelry.


This brilliant cut puts Swarovski chatons closer to the look and feel of real diamonds. With complex faceting and durability, this evolution from the 1028 Chaton is the new definition of excellence.

The powerful symbol of the key is now captured in crystal form. This traditional shape outlined in precise facets makes the ultimate focal point for a design. Its avant-garde charm and luxurious feel comes in neutral shades to give it a more natural look.

Pure Leaf
This organic and playful shape is perfect for complementing any look you’re going for, whether it be a fun floral fall design or a nod to vintage subtlety. Bring the beauty of nature into any jewelry or accessory with this shape, available in a variety of components.

Victory Pendant
The Victory pendant features a familiar donut design but kicks up the contemporary feel with asymmetric faceting. Designed to resemble a medallion, the symbol of aesthetic triumph, the lightweight Victory shape appeals to mod-inspired pieces and modern fashion statements.

BeCharmed Pearl
Much like their BeCharmed beads, the pearl presents an elegant look for large-hole jewelry. Finished with stainless steel grommets for a durable look, you can mix and match them with other large-hole components to tell a story with your jewelry.

Mini Shapes
These small yet precise geometric components are the perfect addition to any jewelry idea. Their flat, faceted design is what makes them exact—but their small size is what makes them perfect. The new mini shapes are available in square, round and oval cuts.

Square Mini

Round Mini

Oval Mini

Be sure to check out our New Swarovski Innovations page frequently to find out when you can place an order for these new lovelies!


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    • Dianne Turner
    • September 4, 2012

    I would pair the light turquoise with the mini’s to create a cascade of colour forming waves of turquoise from the silvery mini’s, giving the appearance of waves rippling in the sun

      • Marissa
      • September 4, 2012

      That sounds so pretty, Dianne 🙂

    • Maya
    • September 4, 2012

    Interesting colors. I look forward toseeing them

    • Barb
    • September 4, 2012

    I love the keys!

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