The Story of TierraCast

TierraCast has grown into a company that provides some of the best quality jewelry supplies in the business. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, their pieces will give your designs a professional look. This company has morphed from many stages before becoming the establishment it is today, and will never forget its humble beginnings.

In October 1978, founder Steve Tierra and a business partner created West Earth Design. This initial idea was to manufacture sell cast silver jewelry. When the original partnership fell apart, Steve took control and renamed it Tierra & Company. He changed up the idea by offering original pattern making, lost wax casting and finishing services to other jewelers. Alan Joseph, a potential client at the time, visited Tierra and was enamored by the processes and operation of the company. He was so intrigued that he offered to work in exchange for being able to learn the production techniques. This agreement became the foundation for their working partnership and the future of the company.

After being official incorporated in July 1981, TierraCast progressively grew over the next 10 years. The company began to take on multiple clients, casting everything from sterling silver jewelry to bronze elevator signage. This was when their manufacturing included pewter castings and silver and gold-filled wire findings. In 1989, TierraCast closed the lost wax department to focus its attention on pewter casting and wire findings. In 2000, TierraCast got a better grasp on their marketing with help from long-time employee Sarah Wright. With the introduction of new sales policies, a revised catalog and better customer service, the business because a powerhouse.

TierraCast still operates out of its original location in Santa Rosa (but now covers 13,000 square feet). The drive to maintain consistency and quality is why TierraCast has become such a popular brand. We’re very proud to carry their products, and know our customers will enjoy every purchase.



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    • patty welch
    • September 15, 2012

    can someone explain to me how those 5 hole D style clasps work? you get 2 of the D loops and one toggle bar.. I dont get it.

    1. Reply

      Hi Patty-

      Here’s a link to the TierraCast video that shows how to use those clasps in a design:

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