What is Art Nouveau?

Free-flowing lines, organic shapes and bold coloring are the perfect blend for a timeless design movement—Art Nouveau. This artistic style began in Europe during the late 19th century that took influences from nature, although the forms take on a more abstract journey. Literally meaning “new art” in French, this movement is best known for its use of organic shapes and dramatic, curving lines. You can find floral hints throughout its many forms expressed through paintings, glassware, furniture and architecture. The 20th century brought the geometric Art Deco movement, distilling the Art Nouveau influence in western cultures; however, Art Nouveau continues to be popular in Europe and has become the influence for jewelry in western culture.

Art Nouveau jewelry puts a spin on the movement with the use of handcrafted silver pieces and nature-themed components. Popular during the late 1800s and early 1900s, Art Nouveau jewelry included themes like flowers, birds and plants. The jewelry is meant to demonstrate a piece of wearable art more than a piece of fashion.

You can find Art Nouveau jewelry in various forms and interpretations, but the common theme you’ll find is fluid and organic. See if you can find the Art Nouveau influence in your designs.


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