3-Day Earring Weekend – Day Two

It’s a 3-day earring weekend on the Artbeads Blog for Beaders! Artbeads co-owner and chief jewelry designer Cynthia loves to design—and this weekend we’ll showcase one new earring idea each day that you can try at home using some of our most beautiful components.

Today’s earring idea came from Cynthia’s desire for peace. She loved the ‘om’ shell pendants and really wanted to make something with them. Then, she realized they were the perfect size for earrings! From the posts to the pendant’s soothing shade of brown, these earrings create a calming feel. Here are all of the components you’ll need:

We’ll give you the instructions on how to make one earring, and then you can repeat the steps to finish the pair!

1: Attach a jump ring to each end of one flower link (you can learn how to open and close a jump ring by watching our great Handy Tip video in the Learning Center).
2: Connect one jump ring to one shell pendant and the other jump ring to one post earring.

Please note: Check to see if the post earrings you want to use come with a back. If they don’t make sure to get two earring backs that fit your design.

That’s it! You’ll be ready to tackle any tough situation with your powerful peace earrings.

Check back in tomorrow for the final idea!


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