Cool Tip for Leather

Are you in love with our new line of Regaliz™ leather cord? Find other creative ways to use it other than a bracelet or necklace, like our designer Teri did! She made this cool head band using Regaliz leather, elastic cord and thread. You can do this too by reading our steps below. First, cut a strand of leather cord to just wrap around the crown of your head. We used one foot. Use a straight edge blade to get an even cut.

Step One
Use a pair of hole punch pliers to pierce the ends of the leather cord.

Step two:
Enlarge and smooth the holes with a bead reamer tool.

Step three:
Cut one piece of elastic cord and thread it through one hole. Loop it around, come back through the hole and then secure it with a surgeon’s knot and a dab of adhesive. Repeat this for the other side.

Step four:
You should now have one strand of elastic cord at the bottom of your head band, doubled up for a stronger hold.

Step five:
Show off your new look! You can even add slider beads to your headband to make it special.


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