Crazy about Clasps

We at Artbeads strive to constantly bring our customers high-quality jewelry supplies often and in abundance. Sometimes we showcase so many different beautiful things at once that some of our favorite pieces are missed, like some of our outstanding jewelry clasps. Although it may not be the focal point of a jewelry design, the clasp has a lot of influence over what the overall feel of the piece will be.

Artbeads co-owner and chief jewelry designer Cynthia knows how important the right clasp is for a finished design—it’s just as essential as finding the perfect pendant to create the right look for a piece. Cynthia takes her time deciding which components to use when she sits down to create, and the clasp is one of the most important elements. It’s only when her piece is nearly complete that she knows what kind of feeling comes across in the jewelry. Then, she chooses her clasp. The shape, color, size and feel that radiates from the clasp will let Cynthia know if it’s a good fit. It’s no wonder why her designs are always amazing, since she dedicates so much of her time into making jewelry that anyone would be proud to wear. She loves using some of our gunmetal-plated and silver-plated brass toggle clasps with cutout designs, so we wanted to shine the spotlight on them and give you inspiration too.

Some of our toggles with cut-out designs have small stringing holes for a more discrete look, so designers may think they are too hard to use. The smaller loop for stringing just means they can be used in delicate and intricate pieces, like our bridal necklace Tuxedo Pearls.

The fun shapes and bright silver finish on some are perfect for casual looks. Cynthia used the round toggle clasp with small cut-out curls to finish our Beach Pebbles Necklace idea, and it blended beautifully with the silk fabric she used. The silver finish toggles are also perfect to pair with silver jewelry chain and are much brighter in person than in our picture (we didn’t want to blind you with their hot silver shine!). If you’re worried about working with one of these toggles in an idea that uses larger beads, simply finish the ends with smaller beads or strands of chain so the toggle ends close securely. The added dimension will create a lovely cascading look from back to front as well.

We not only provide unique toggle clasps with curved swirls and spots, but also toggles with encouraging words and symbols. Our round ‘Hope’ toggle clasps, offered in both silver and gunmetal finish, would be the perfect finishing touch on an awareness jewelry design or a handmade gift for someone going through a tough time. Make jewelry for loved ones using the heart or ‘Love’ toggle clasps paired with their favorite colors, since both sleek silver and bold gunmetal are great complements to all shades. If you’re looking to create a design with a vintage feel, use an oval toggle clasp with filigree cutout designs. Its fine curls add a fancy feel that would be perfect when working with pearls or CZ snap setting pendants. The best part about these clasps is that they are lightweight so you can use them to finish delicate designs and when working with small components.

Take a look at our entire collection of toggle jewelry clasps and decide which one works best for you! Not sure where to start designing? The perfect clasp could be just the right inspiration you need to get the creative juices flowing.


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  1. Reply

    cute idea, I have always shied away from toggels but will try some out

    • Randa
    • October 30, 2012

    Loved reading about how Cynthia checks the feel of the design before choosing the clasp. That’s a good description of how I work. Usually one component (may be a bead, the clasp, or a particular texture) sparks my creative juices, then I look for what feels best with it.

    1. Reply

      It’s funny to take a step back and realize what component really tied your design together, isn’t it? Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

    • Peter Siddle
    • October 31, 2012

    lovely post..very innovative idea.. i really like your blog..thanks for the post.

    • Maplady999
    • November 1, 2012

    Sometimes, I start with the clasp and put it in front as a focal point with a dangle off it. Verrry easy to put on and no tangling in your hair!

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