Designer Spotlight – Regaliz Leather

Artbeads is always happy to expand its collection of high-quality pieces, especially when we get to work with amazing suppliers. Graham from Regaliz™ leather opened up to us about our exciting line of fashionable leather components, and how this concept of providing quality pieces came into being. What is Regaliz exactly? It’s a very thick, very special type of leather that looks like licorice. In fact, regaliz in Spanish means licorice! This is where Graham got the idea to name the brand.

When Graham and his wife went to visit one of his suppliers in Greece, it was Graham’s wife who fell in love with leather. ” My wife and I travelled to Greece to visit a factory that I purchase from, [and when] she saw the bracelets at the factory she said they look very nice. So we brought a few samples home with us. I showed them to my family and staff, [and] everyone just fell in love with the whole concept and everything just developed from there.

A lot of thought and research goes in to the Regaliz process. The team’s dedication to traveling and observing first-hand the current fashion trends is what makes them so successful. “… you have to get out and about and walk the streets. In Europe some woman are wearing 5 Regaliz bracelets and you often see men wearing them.” Although it’s sometimes tough, Graham does admit that his favorite part of the process is getting to travel: “It has to be traveling, then buying the different designs and watching them sell well and finally seeing someone wearing a bracelet that even though you did not make [it], the parts came from our hard work [that you know began] with the travel.”

So does Graham have a favorite component? “My absolute favorite is the faux snake skin wrapped leather. The fact that this just opens up a huge market for jewelry for men is the most amazing part of the Regaliz line though.” We’re in love with Regaliz leather because it is versatile enough for both men’s and women’s fashion and can be used to achieve so many different looks. You can explore more from Regaliz leather and create your own special jewelry.

Looking for other ways to use Regaliz leather? Take a strip and turn it into a headband! Use heavy duty hole punch pliers to thread elastic cord, double string it through the holes and secure with thread. It’s that easy! Stay tuned to the Blog for more fun ideas.


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