Jewelry Inspired by Breaking Dawn: Part II

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The buzz around Artbeads is all about the final installment of the Twilight saga, so we wanted to share our findings! Here are some of the highlights from who’s wearing what in the film that you can recreate to celebrate its release.

The Other Vampire Covens
We are introduced to a whole new side of the vampire culture, with different covens from around the world.

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The Denali coven from Alaska wears striking jewelry designs in the film, like Tanya’s multi-stranded necklace and Kate’s gorgeous rings. Try using a collection of Swarovski crystal round pearls, hemp cord and a large silver-plated pendant to get the look.

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The Amazon coven, consisting of vampires like Zafrina, wears colorful tribal designs. Let out your inner bead weaver and make this elegant collar necklace out of seed beads.

The Cullens

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Whether you prefer the look of Alice or Rosalie, you can get their style with nothing more than layers of chain and a bezel pendant. These designs are perfect for practicing mixed media ideas!

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You can make bold jewelry for men, too, like Jasper’s simple chain with a horse shoe link. Simply cut chain to fit and connect each end to a single bold finding, like a quatrefoil ink.

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Pass along a locket like Bella did for her daughter with your own special touches. You can use one of our shadow box pendants to make yours unique. Or, if you have a little boy, gift him with a pocket watch! Just take a watch pendant and string it onto chain.

Don’t forget to go see the final film when it hits theaters November 16, 2012! We’re already preparing to unveil our inspirations to you soon.


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  1. Reply

    I don’t watch the Twilight Saga, but have to say the jewels are great…you have some cool pieces on the bezel pendant page.
    I actually like Jasper’s chain and horse shoe…at least 3 or 4 times in a season I’m asked if I have anything for men. I rarely do as that is a completely other world in design.

    Having said that this summer I’d more requests than usual, did a couple of custom orders and had a fellow purchase one of my more masculine Regaliz bracelets, so maybe I should be thinking more about it? :~)

    Have a great day…

    1. Reply

      We’ve discovered that Regaliz is perfect for men’s jewelry, too! If you need some more inspiration on what to make for men, we have a cool Gifts for Guys section.

  2. Reply

    I was inspired to make some earrings and a necklace for Twilight fans (AKA Twihards…. LOL), which are currently for sale at my Etsy store, as well as a local jewelry store. It was fun trying to come up with something for Cullen fans that didn’t look cheesy….

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