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The latest craze in fashion is nail art. If you want a new outlet to express your personality that’s easy to change, explore nail art! This special manicure features the use of jewelry, polish and other accessories to create unique looks. If you can picture it on a canvas, you can achieve it on your nails. This trend takes many forms and consists of many different techniques.

Photo Source: Cool Nails Art.

True nail art requires patience and talent in order to carefully stroke the small brush onto a small space. Although some nail art is one dimensional, other designers delve into experimenting with art that rises off the surface. Rhinestones, especially Swarovski crystal flatbacks, are a popular choice. Some have pierced the acrylic nail in order to add dangling charms while others dab on smaller accents like stones and tiny floral cabochons.

Accessorizing your nails is a great way to let out your wild side in small doses. Explore this form of expression with our collection of tiny SS5 Swarovski flatbacks! These teeny tiny crystal rhinestones are the ideal size for nail art. Apply them to a set of acrylic nails in your favorite pattern and then pop them on. Their sophisticated sparkle is sure to be a trend setter this season and for years to come. Need a little help on where to start? Read the instructions for our Crystal Touch Acrylic Nails Learning Center idea, featured in the image above.

Photo Source: Eye Candy Nails.

Have fun with nail art and try things you wouldn’t normally do. The beauty of nail art is that you can always change it—since you have to look at your hands the most, switch it up!


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    Wow…what cook nail art!!! You know I’m a very plain person when it comes to my finger nails, only a French manicure for me…but…when it comes to my toes, well that is a different storey! I’m not a bling person on my toe nails but I do love deep dark colours, I’m wearing a red that is very close to the top red nails…I also love, chocolate brown and slate grey!


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