Northwest Fashion Profiles

With the final Twilight film soon to be released, we thought it might be fun to shine the light on some of the more quirky fashion statements commonly found in Washington State. We want everyone to know that not everyone wears pea coats to offset their sparkling skin, so below are just a few fashion profiles you will find when visiting the state. We’ll tell you about their natural environment, style diet, and how you can get the look!

Seattle Coffeehouse Hipster

A fitted leather jacket, multicolored silk scarf and layered flowing shirts are the most common form for the Seattle coffeehouse hipster. You’ll most often find them in—you guessed it—a coffeehouse, sitting alone and consumed with whatever is on their laptop screen. You can add a little bit of hipster into your wardrobe with a leather bracelet or base metal components with an antique finish. Our Venetian Flourish Necklace idea is a great example.

Walla Walla Wine Tourista

You’ll find this lady looking over the vineyard fields, tasting glass in hand. Her attire features a fine blouse paired with slacks—or jeans and a turtleneck if she’s getting the full tour. In the winter she may add a fleece pullover sweater into the mix, but always keeps things classy. You can accessorize the wine tourista’s wardrobe with pearls or an elegant cocktail ring. Try making our Emily’s Elegant Earrings idea.

Forks Flannel Fashionista

Even though it has become fantasized in the past few years, Forks is a logging town at heart. You’ll find feminine flannel paired with industrial boots around every corner. Spot the Forks flannel fashionista at the local diner or working in the woods—not climbing trees with vampires. Add some feminine outdoor touches with jewelry like our Cape Cod in Bloom Bracelet idea.

Aberdeen Grey Grunger

From the heart of grunge comes the Aberdeen grey grunger. Still living out the days of torn jeans, striped sweaters and guitars, this stylish gal can be found at the local supermarket or tuning up the car at the local muffler shop. Want to channel your inner grunge goddess with mismatched elements or even a mixed media project. Try making our Judy Jetson Earrings for inspiration.

Pullman Party Pride

The Pullman party pride look is about comfort for a good time. She’ll be sporting an Alma Mater sweatshirt with comfy shoes to prolong the hours spent cheering on her team from the stadium. You can find the proud Pullmanite at the football stadium decked out in face paint and matching hair accessories. Our Ultimate Fan Jewelry Set is perfect to customize with your team’s colors if you want this look.

Spokane Trail Trekker

Hiking boots, sweater vest and ball cap complete the outfit for the typical Spokane trail trekker. Find her every weekend, rain or shine, in the woods in search of an adrenaline high. You can incorporate the nature-loving look of this Washington native with any sort of forest symbol or component made from natural elements. Create our Bee Happy Necklace for a simple starting point!

Renton Geek Chic

This computer-savvy stylist spends her time at the office, most likely in the Microsoft Corporation. Her crisp business suits for workdays are offset by casual weekend tops with a nod to all things comic book—but still come across as put together. Anything with a metallic shine will capture this feel, and our Sheldon’s Big Bracelet idea is a great example.

Ellensburg Wrangler

This rootin’ cowgirl gears up for the biggest rodeo in the state hosted in her home town in wrangler jeans, boots and a camouflage top (the nice blouses are reserved for days not working on the ranch). Some southwest influence can be found in her wardrobe, but it’s clear this wrangler is from Washington. If you’re feeling a little bit country, make a western-themed idea like our Texas Emerald Bracelet.

There are many more fashion profiles we could list, and many more great cities full of fantastic fashion ideas, and this list was merely a glimpse at the diverse styles that can be found in our state. Do you have your own fashion profile, or do you fit into any of ours?


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