The First Thanksgiving

We all know the story of the first Thanksgiving, but we wanted to know what kind of jewelry and accessories may have been worn. Today this holiday reflects a more contemporary formal occasion, where most women will at least find a nice piece of jewelry to wear for dinner even if they don’t dress to the nines. Here’s a brief description of what the average Pilgrim and Wampanoag Native American would have worn at the first Thanksgiving.

A Pilgrim woman had many layers to her outfit, beginning with a petticoat and stockings tied with garters. Then, the woman would don another petticoat, a waistcoat and her coif hat. Her modest display would typically not be accessorized with jewelry. On the other hand, both Wampanoag men and women wore jewelry made from available resources like bone, shell and stone. For a formal occasion, such as Thanksgiving, a Wampanoag would have adorned more decorative pieces such as body paint and a tribal headdress.

Typically today, women will wear fine jewelry for a grander dinner, or simply something with an autumn feel. This autumn feel could range from stones with fall colors to cute pumpkin earrings. Our Autumn’s Palette bracelet idea featured above is a great example. Prep yourself for the feast by exploring our Thanksgiving jewelry supply section! Find everything from festive charms to elegant pearls.


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    • June K
    • November 20, 2012

    That bracelet is SO pretty. Such pretty colors, too.

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