Turning Negativity into Creativity

Talk about turning a negative into a positive! One of our customers shared this fun story with our customer service team, and we wanted to share it with you!

I thought I would share with you what happened to my favorite outfit after I had only worn it ONCE. I had paid over $200 for a matching pants and sweater and just loved them. I was wearing them when I decided to do some laundry using bleach……….well you know what happened…….bleach blobs all over my new outfit.

I decided instead of throwing it out ………never to be worn again……… to make a design on the blobs. I put plastic bags in the clothing and just got a paint brush and a cup of the same bleach that caused all the problems. I made all the blobs into flowers by adding petals in bleach and after it was all dry – added about 50 flat back swarovski’s in the centre of the flowers. Every time I wear it – people comment on my wonderful outfit!! I also did this for a friend who had the same problem but on her “blue jean” jacket….I made her blobs into rose petals around the blobs and added more Swarovski’s and its now her favorite jacket. So I thank you for all your hard work dealing with customers like me :-). Thanks for everything, you guys are GREAT.

If you have a fun story you’d like to share, you can always share it with our customer service team or email our Blog at [email protected].

Happy Friday!


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    That is the best!!! What a great way to make an otherwise ruined outfit wearable…she did a wonderful job. I’m sure her friend is thrilled as well. I’ve never attempted fabric painting but had a friend who did that kind of thing, not with bleach mind you…and her pieces were awesome…what a creative mind.

    Have a great weekend…

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    i love it, just hope that the bleach blobs do not turn
    into holes. Good Luck and enjoy Hansi

    • Teri
    • November 27, 2012

    I can’t use bleach for this very reason, I ruin clothes. There is a product you might find helpful, the bleach pen! Lots of control on where it goes because it’s a gell.

    I love that you added flatbacks, nice job!

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