What’s on your 2012 Wish List?

Last year we asked our fans to tell us what would be on their Artbeads wish list. Of course, Swarovski topped the list. What was interesting was discovering how many customers wanted seed beads—the second most wanted item on the ultimate wish list. Sterling silver findings, Russian artist pendants and freshwater pearls were also among fan favorites. Within the last year, however, many changes have arrived to the online world. With Pinterest people are now able to share what they love and discover things they have never seen otherwise. This leaves us wondering if our fans’ tastes have changed—so we’re here to find out! What would be on your ultimate wish list? Do you want to try a new tool, or are your eyes set on an old favorite? Let us know.


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    Well, seed beads are ALWAYS on my list! This year I am really wanting to try some new shapes – peanuts, two hole, tiles… so many new options!

    Also on my list – a microwave kiln for metal clay

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    Hmmm…well, since you asked…tools would have to top my list! Most of what I have is 7 years old and some are more than ready to be replaced…then there is my tumbler and reverse fan…


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