Why is Earth so Awesome?

Today is World Kindness Day, observed in many countries as an effort to encourage individuals to overlook our boundaries. You can celebrate World Kindness Day in two forms—both as a day to promote peace with everyone, but also as a day to give kindness back to our world. Why would you want to give back to our planet? Because Earth is Awesome! If you think our planet hasn’t contributed to the jewelry market, here are just a few amazing facts.

  • Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity!
  • The Phoenicians (an ancient Mediterranean culture) preserved their foods in silver bottles to prevent spoiling.
  • The gemstone lolite shares the same polarizing capabilities as a pair of sunglasses. In fact, Vikings used to use lolite to find the sun on a cloudy day.
  • Besides these cool facts, let’s not forget all of the amazing, unique additions natural elements have provided us in designs. gemstones, freshwater pearls, shell beads, wood jewelry components each contribute to our designs with beautiful color and incredible dimension. Explore new ground before winter sweeps in, and discover what lovely natural elements lay at your feet. You might be surprised at what you find!


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      Happy world kindness day! I think EVERY day should be world kindness day! The world would most definitely be a better place!

      Have a wonderful day! {Hugs!}

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        We think every day should be World Kindness Day, too! Thanks for stopping by the blog, Dawn!

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