Why We Love the Pacific Northwest

There are few places in America that hold as much beauty as the Pacific Northwest, where all of us at Artbeads call home. More specifically, Artbeads is located in Washington State near Seattle. Living in western Washington has provided us with incredible inspiration for some of our favorite designs, like our Maple Forest Necklace. Artbeads owners Devin and Cynthia love traveling to the Washington coast and being able to stand at the edge of the United States in places like Neah Bay and La Push. A lot of designers confess to being inspired by nature, by what’s around them, so it’s no wonder why Cynthia’s jewelry designs are always so incredible.

Another perk to living in the Pacific Northwest is being close to the beauty that inspired the Twilight book series. The old growth forests, cool coastal weather and peaceful shade is what inspired the author to place her characters in Forks. The Olympic Peninsula gets the most rainfall in the US, and as a result, provides luscious green scenery when the sun does shine. The tiny industrial town of Forks is full of fun treasures and has boomed from the books’ success.

All of this surrounding natural wonder and breathtaking beauty has been captured in a few photos that Devin and Cynthia shared with us. Here are some of the pictures Devin and Cynthia took during their trip to Forks and neighboring areas. As an avid fly fisherman, Devin truly enjoys embarking on the journey to the edge of Washington State. At the same time, Cynthia gets to explore new scenery at every turn—which no doubt become inspirations for her jewelry. Take in the wonder! We hope you’ll be inspired as much as we are by the great Pacific Northwest.


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    • Donna Lueders
    • November 6, 2012

    Love the beautiful scenery pictures. 🙂 Oh and the beads are exceptional also.

  1. Reply

    My family spent nearly 2 weeks this summer touring your beautiful Pacific northwest! We carried back with us fond memories and gorgeous pictures of the things we saw while there. You are very lucky to live in such a scenic area!

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