Holidays from the Heart – Family Projects and Get Togethers

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has made many people lose sight of what’s special about this time of the year. This year, instead of a gift purchased on impulse, give a gift from the heart: one made by loving hands that embraces its recipient in thoughtfulness and creates a lasting memory. We want to take you back to a time when gifts were more meaningful, when holiday family traditions were as much a gift as the box with the shiny bow. Our Holidays from the Heart series will provide you with gift ideas, decoration tips and more to prepare you for the most wonderful time of the year—full of good cheer and heartfelt traditions you can pass on to future generations. Each week until the end of December we will bring you inspiration for heartfelt gifts, fun family projects and party hosting.

Photo Source: A Christmas Story House and Museum.

This week is our final installment of Holidays from the Heart for 2012. We hope you’ve enjoyed our handmade projects and that they have inspired you to create your very own treasures filled with meaning and love. Use this time of holiday celebrations as an opportunity to sit down with your family and reflect on good times from the past year and beyond. Like a handmade gift, families aren’t supposed to be perfect. It’s these small imperfections that make them genuine, that give them character and heart. No one’s family is perfect, and there are always stories to illustrate this truth—but it’s those same stories that make us closer, and remind us why we wouldn’t want our family to be any other way. While you and your family work together on handmade projects, reflect on each of your favorite holiday memories. A Christmas Story would not be a favorite holiday movie if not for the lovable imperfections of each member, from the Old Man and his leg lamp to Mom’s persistence for Ralphie to wear his pink bunny PJ’s. Propose a toast to your aunt’s lumpy mashed potatoes, or the time your cousin started a snowball fight (and then abruptly ended it when she got pelted first). Prolong your family time with shared stories and one fun project each member can help with. This year be proud of the family you have—you only get one.

For a fun indoor winter project or holiday get together activity create your own snow globe! To make your own snow globe, first determine what kind of figurines you want to display inside. Check out our collection of Christmas jewelry supplies to find a cute addition for your snow globe! Next, find an old glass jar that will fit over your pieces. We used everything from baby food jars to mason jars for ours. Set epoxy clay on the inside of the jar lid and press your figures into the clay, and then allow the clay to cure. Fill the jar with distilled water and a few drops of glycerin. Add your favorite fake snow and a sprinkle of glitter and then glue the lid shut. Once the glue is dry you’re ready to display your new snow globe! Spend hours of fun making all sorts of unique creations that others can take home.

Happy Holidays from Artbeads!


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