My First Jewelry Design

Every designer starts off as a beginner, wondering how to make a wrapped loop or what the heck a head pin is used for. Techniques are perfected over continuous practice, so if you’re a beginner, just remember that jewelry making takes practice. Be proud that you’re trying something new! Designing quality jewelry takes dedication and familiarity of products and tools—that’s why not a lot of people take the time to really learn the right way to create. Even members of the Artbeads staff remember what it was like when they made their first jewelry design. Read some of the stories they shared about their first design.

“When I was 11, my sister and I picked some seeds from a bush that grows everywhere in New Caledonia. The seeds looked like lentils and we boiled them to make them soft. Then we thread them through the center and they looked like little discs! We made necklaces and bracelets, and we sold them to neighbors and friends for fifty cents. When I bought my first beads, I made a necklace with some rejected lampwork beads that Devin made about 12 years ago.”—Cynthia, Co-Owner and Chief Designer

“My first real jewelry design included 2mm Indian Jasper rounds that I strung with beautiful green jade marquise beads that looked like leaves. I loved how it looked; it was about 30 inches long. It was a challenge to thread those tiny gemstone beads on jewelry wire. I used no clasp—only a crimp to hold a fairly heavy necklace together. While wearing it at work, the crimp failed and hundreds of mini beads went scattering across the warehouse floor here at Artbeads. I immediately [started] picking up as many as I could find [and] was joined by the inventory manager. We spent a long time on our hands and knees, collecting these 2mm beads, and then she turned to me to say “You are a dedicated employee to gather these up!” I told her I was afraid someone would slip and that they weren’t inventory but my own beads. She then told me to get back to work! I’ve since restrung this design with slightly larger 3mm Jasper on heavier jewelry wire and not one but two crimps!”—Teri, Jewelry Designer

“[My first design was] an abstract cross I made in jewelry class, nearly 35 years ago: A layered, copper fabrication design [I] still wear on occasion.”—Pat, Graphic Artist/Photo Editor

“My first design was turquoise chip strands matched with Czech glass druk beads Fuchsia 6mm, framing the fuchsia with [a] TierraCast antique silver spirit bead cap and [I] used the TierraCast antique silver garland clasp set. I wanted to create a garland effect which turned out pretty good.” –Norma, Customer Service

“My first jewelry design was wrapped loop earrings with pink druks and TierraCast links (that I still have) that took practically a full bag of headpins to get right! [Artbeads co-owner and chief jewelry designer] Cynthia taught me how to do the wrapped loop herself! I found it much easier than the standard loop because I didn’t have to measure the tail of the wire as exactly. You probably wouldn’t call it a jewelry ‘design’ but I was very proud of my little wrapped loops!” –Yvette, Manager

“The first piece of jewelry I made was a blue topaz lost wax casted sterling silver ring [for] jewelry class in high school.”—Sherri, Product Coordinator

“My very first jewelry design was a pair of dangly earrings that I made at a beading party. I used dark red cubic zirconia teardrops finished at the top with ornate silver bead caps. I love the way they turned out, and still wear them all the time.”—Katie, Email Marketing Specialist

If you’re a beginning designer, take a look at our Getting Started page in the Learning Center! We show you what kind of tools and supplies you will need for whatever type of jewelry you want to create. From there you can choose one of our free jewelry ideas to try and design! Each idea features a list of products used and step-by-step instructions so you can master it in minutes. We would love to see what you can create, so please feel welcome to email us at [email protected] with a picture of your first design.


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    • Kathleen Rozak
    • December 11, 2012

    My first try at jewelry was getting a box of broken jewelry from ebay and fixing them then making rosaries then finding Artbeads and I haven’t stopped since. My favorites are pearls.

    • Marie Allen
    • December 12, 2012

    My first attempt at making jewelry was with a bead kit I bought at Michael’s. I knew nothing about making jewelry. So I forged ahead with the directions provided in the kit and made my first piece of handcrafted jewelry – a bracelet. My sister-in-law complimented my design. Because of her and the encouragement I received from other people in my life I’m still making jewelry five years later.

    • Pat
    • December 13, 2012

    I’ve been making and trying we ways to make jewelry for the past 5 years. But my first jewelry that I designed was with beads and fishing spinners. I made a necklace and earrings to match and everytime I’ve worn the set, I’ve gotten someone asking me to make them a set too. I used the black nickle fishing spinners. Love to learn something new every month. and still learning.

  2. Reply

    My first attempt at making jewelry was when I was in elementary school and I made some rings and bracelets out of pipe cleaners, with bits of wadded-up foil as jewels. Several classmates actually bought them, too! And a future was born….

    • Jo Rodriguez
    • November 11, 2015

    Can I use crimp beads on a project strung on beading thread or does it need to go on beading wire when using crimp beads?

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