Vintage Wedding Ideas

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Your big day should be as timeless as the love you share with your spouse. A fantastic way to make a memorable wedding is give it a vintage theme. This style continues to be popular with brides because it allows them to have fun but keep things conservative. Let us show you how to decorate your day so you can party like it’s 1922.


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Glamorize your centerpieces with vintage touches, like antique silverware or old pictures. The easiest way to achieve this is to print out vintage pictures and capture them in pendants using resin. We have some amazing transfer and collage sheets that feature nostalgic images with different themes. For card holders and programs, use a font with an art deco feel for even more fun! Any sort of antique furnishings—even if they don’t match—will add to the nostalgic theme.


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Don’t forget to include the Roaring Twenties in your wardrobe! A birdcage veil takes just minutes to make with tulle and a simple headband, and when you include silk gloves and a classic pearl necklace, you can complete your vintage bride look. Dress your bridesmaids up in flapper style dresses with fringe and invite your guests to follow the theme, too! Soft neutrals would tie together the nostalgic romance of your wedding, so choose creams or sandy browns for napkins.

What you make for your wedding is limited only by your imagination, so explore thousands of different opportunities. If you’re in need of even more inspiration, take a look at our Roaring Twenties Pinterest board.


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    I like the idea of a vintage wedding, there is so much that can be done…antiques have always been a part of my life. Up until just over a year ago I had a number of antiques in my home…

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