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Every special moment deserves to be captured in a way that makes you feel like the day it happened. The joyful pounding of your heart as you walked down the aisle, the warm tears that filled your eyes seeing your child in a cap and gown, the uncontrollable smile when you held your first grandchild—these life-changing events played such an important role in your life that they should be symbolized by only the finest keepsakes. Artbeads is extremely proud to present to you Lassero, your new choice for telling a story with elegance and grace.

This collection of beads, charms, pendants and more is made of the highest eminence. The gold plating is of the utmost quality, and every component with crystals is made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. These crystals are set by dedicated hands, ensuring every setting is perfect. Lassero provides elegant additions while easing jewelry designing. Many of the beads and charms feature large stringing holes so it only takes minutes to put together a bracelet or necklace with sophisticated finish and professional flair. Tell the story of YOU with Lassero.

As you reach new milestones in your life, this collection will continue to grow, so you can anticipate creating new memories with Lassero’s expansion in the future. Experience it all now in our boutique.


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    I love this style of bracelet, as do most women…I’ve not heard of Lassero so I will definitly check out the brand! Thanks for passing it along Marissa.


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