A Cool Kiss from Winter

Photo Source: wallpaper abyss

Sometimes, winter gets the cold shoulder. Although it’s the season of brisk chills, slick roads and short days, it’s also the season of snow flurries and amazing sunsets. Only in winter can you watch the sun shine in a bright blue sky as it sparkles against the dusty powdered snow blanket. Today we celebrate the beauty of winter and how you can reflect its beauty in your jewelry.

The mysterious blue glow of snow is probably why blue is such a popular color for this time of the year. Choose your favorite shade to use as either the focal or accent of your piece, like we did for our Ice Blue Snowflake Earrings idea. Both light and dark hues make a wonderful complement to white touches, like a comfy cream sweater paired with jeans and boots. In fact, blue continues its reign in 2013 as one of the top colors for the current season.

Replicate the frozen ponds and lakes with a sleek silver look or clear crystal components. Capture a treasure as if frozen in time using resin for a fun mixed media project, too!

Add a single pop of color to a dark display to bespeak a lighted cabin blanketed by a snowy night. Use your imagination to showcase your love for winter, and keep the spirit of this beautiful season alive until the snow melts.

For even more inspiration, browse our winter-themed jewelry ideas in the Learning Center!


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    what a gorgeous picture at the top of the page…

    love the blues and the pop of colour with the orange crystals…

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