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Each week, on our Facebook fan page, we share an Artbeads Sunday business tip to help improve your growing business. If you’ve missed some or are hearing about them for the first time, don’t worry! Today we’re going to recap all of the past tips so you can be confident in running your own business. These tips are targeted towards those selling jewelry online, but all of these helpful hints are applicable across different business avenues. Take note and check to see if you’ve already done these things!

Create a plan of attack
If you’re thinking about selling your jewelry or crafts online, start by mapping out the process.

Find your market
Decide what kind of market your product falls under, and familiarize yourself with that market. Explore other shops and learn.

Price things out
Keep a record of what you price in your inventory, and also think about how much to charge for shipping if you’re selling online. Put together a list of your cost of supplies to help determine how much to sell each product for.

Take good photos
Being able to present your product in the right light makes it more appealing to customers. Find a friend who’s familiar with image editing or photography to help you out, because a picture is one of the first things a customer will notice.

Check your name
Have you thought of what you want to call your business? Have you checked to see if the name you want already exists? A creative name helps make you memorable and professional.

Stay up to date on trends
Your designs will be more popular if you know what themes, colors, patterns and more are the hot new styles. You can always get the scoop on fashion trends in our Learning Center.

Give accurate information
Not sure if your design is made from sterling silver components or silver-plated components? Don’t call that out—simply say that the components have a silver color. Dig a little and research the pieces you work with! Customers like to hear the story behind what they buy, and it makes their purchase more personal.

Take advantage of the holiday season
Offer customers special deals for the holidays to gain loyalty, like gift wrapping or discount deals. Anything that makes this time of the year different for your customers will be appreciated.

Make yourself memorable
Personalize your brand to make the company less robotic and more human. Create an “About Us” page so customers get to know the people behind the name, and write it like a conversation. With a competitive market, you have to make your brand unique. This can be done through your package presentation or even something you place in each order.

Remember to pay yourself
As part of your pricing process make sure you include a fair wage for your labor and time to get the item created. If someone else was making this item on your behalf you would have to pay them, right? Don’t give your labor away for free just because you are the business owner.

Get online
In this digital age, everyone is finding it easier to shop from the convenience of a computer and the click of a mouse. Build a website for your business to become established in the online world. Thinking about hiring a professional to build your site? Do your research to ensure you get the best deal for your dollar.

Advertise at every chance
You have to get your name out there, but no one will know your business exists unless you tell others about it. Wear jewelry you made while running errands and you may just be asked where it came from. Be ready to answer questions about your piece, everything from the components used to the story behind its creation. The best part about promoting your jewelry by wearing it—it’s free!

Get paid
Have you decided what your payment options will be for your business? If you’re selling online, PayPal is a good choice. However, you will need to determine which options are best for you (credit cards, PayPal, etc.) and get in contact with your bank.

Become a leader
Owning and managing your own business means that you will have to make executive decisions, weigh the pros and cons of each situation, and steer your team in the right direction. If you were eager to start selling online, chances are you’ll make a great leader! Good leaders are charismatic, eager to tackle obstacles and intuitive. Keep these traits in mind when running your business.

Customize for your customers
A nice perk for online stores is the ability to offer custom changes that cannot be made to physical pieces sitting on the shelf in a brick and mortar store. Let your customers know that your jewelry can be customized by request—that just might make the difference between someone making a purchase and not.

Stock up on inventory
Successful businesses have a high demand for their product, which means they need to have a lot of their product in stock. Be sure to have more than one piece of jewelry for sale, not only to offer a variety to your customers, but also to help you keep track of your inventory. Make sure you have enough to offer that would satisfy your audience. Once you build up a stock of product, then you’re ready to really sell.

Remember every detail
Remember every detail! How much did it cost to ship a product? How much did you spend on price tags? Keeping track of every detail of a product, from start to finish, will help you stay ahead and make a profit.

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    • carol
    • January 29, 2013

    i want 2 open a curio shop in kenya mombasa hw do i start. N i aPpreciate ur lessons

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