Fashion Flashback – Winter 2012

As we roll into 2013 with our oversized military jackets and sparkling black and white accessories, we thought we’d take a look back at what was trending this time one year ago. It’s always good to look back at what was hot in the past in order to follow which trends can last. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest winter 2012 trends, and see if you can spot what’s still hot!

Natural Accents

Earth tones, denim blues, cuff bracelets & heavy accessories were a cozy look for last winter. Jackets in traditional cool shades and chunky knit sweaters were everywhere, reflecting our Nature’s Gift fashion trend from 2012. For a pop of color, neutrals were matched with rich purples or teals—a romantic manifestation of nature during the winter.

Classic Beauty

Soft, feminine shades of pink paired with gold claimed another fashion trending back in winter 2012. For ladies who wanted to showcase classic, vintage beauty, they could layer on the pearls and lace or commemorate 1940s fashionistas with a regal mix of brass and deep, cranberry color. This sleek, chic style reflected both our Pink Champagne and Traveler’s Muse 2012 winter trends well.

Wild Winter

One of the wildest trends back in winter 2012 was the bright color palette inspired by the Japanese Harajuku fashion culture. Anything loud could be paired with anything else loud, even if it didn’t seem to fit. This was the style, perfectly demonstrated by our Street Graffiti fashion trend.

Do you recall rocking any of these trends last year? What are you wearing this season?


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    Cool…the first necklace style was popular last summer, the second style of earrings has always been something customers look for to wear for special occasions…as for the second pair of earrings, I found multi stones/glass to be extremely popular not only in earrings but, necklaces/pendants…mulit colour was definitely in last season!

    This is my time when my creativity takes a holiday…always has, so I do other creative things like my photos and when the feeling strikes to make jewelry I jump on it… :~)


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