Timeless Hollywood Style

A lot of popular looks from the 2013 Golden Globes reminded us of the classic styles from old Hollywood stars, whose mere presence exuded prim fashion. Today, we wanted to take a look back at stars we’ve touched on in the past, and also introduce new ideas from other vintage leading ladies.

Doris Day

If you loved the bright and cheery disposition of Doris Day, sample her style with a simple, clean look. Opt for a single strand of pearls, one eye-catching brooch full of sparkle or a layered necklace with two contrasting colors. Adorn your jewelry with the perfect Doris Day accessory—a fitting hat—and be sure to keep the outfit conservative.

Elizabeth Taylor

You have no doubt how to pull off Elizabeth Taylor‘s style: LOTS of diamonds! But, if you’re looking for an economical option for recreating her style, try using a gigantic Swarovski crystal component. The fancy oval stones are an excellent choice to use with a ring, or you could try using a large colorless drop pendant for a necklace and pay homage to the famous Taylor-Burton Diamond. However you decide to design your breathtaking jewelry, make sure your outfit is equally as glamorous to match it.

Grace Kelly

For proof that Grace Kelly’s style will always be timeless, look no further than Kate Middleton’s royal wedding gown. This Hollywood princess stunned us with the perfection in her style, in everything from her custom-made handbag from Hermes to the platinum and diamond necklace gifted to her from Cartier. Grace Kelly loved her pearls and all of her jewelry, but remained simple when she did show off her expensive pieces. You can reflect her poised, feminine style with lacy and conservative fashion, matched with sparkling focal necklaces or classic round pearls.

Audrey Hepburn

You can go the Breakfast at Tiffany’s route or try recreating her style off screen. Either way, you’ll love trying on Audrey Hepburn‘s style. Her petite frame lent itself well to wearing tight pants and baggy blouses, which is still in trend today. Casual ballet flats paired with a masculine collared shirt can be seen on modern celebrities, like a shadow in Audrey’s style. You can make a multi-layered necklace covered in crystals and pearls to get Audrey’s on-screen look, or don a pair of simple stud earrings to keep things sweet and sophisticated, like the actress herself.

Marilyn Monroe

Her signature mole and sultry eyes is what Marilyn Monroe is best known for. She kept her wardrobe full of fur, gloves and daring dresses, so it was always a surprise which Marilyn would appear. This blonde bombshell helped promote diamonds on screen, but in reality, a lot of what she owned was costume jewelry. Get Marilyn’s look with clear crystal dangle earrings paired with a slinky red dress, or sport a flowing white gown complemented by head-to-toe pearls.

Lillian Gish

Photo Source: Listal.com.

Although she never said on a word on screen, this classic member of Hollywood royalty brought incredible star power with her wardrobe. Off-the-shoulder tops with floral prints and dark lips will help you channel Lillian’s style. Fashion from the 1920s era still resonates today, taking influence from both flapper street fashion with wild metallic shine and from silver screen heroines donned in feminine floral outfits. Get the look of Lillian Gish with bezel lace wrapped around a gem-colored cabochon or try browsing our collection of flower beads for inspiration you can put your own twist on.

With all of these lovely ladies, the key to pulling off any style is confidence. Be proud of your fashion sense and others will take notice. If you believe in your creativity, others will too!


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