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Tired of snow-capped hillsides and frozen toes? Plan a trip to escape the winter blues and be sure to make special jewelry to make it memorable. We’ll give you some tips for creating custom vacation style as well as free designs you can try and be ready to pack in no time!

The first thing in determining what to make is figuring out where to go on vacation. If your winter getaway is a tropical island, for example, your best bet is to wear light jewelry that won’t cause a lot of perspiration. A simple strand necklace or delicate drop earrings are your best bet. Try making our Fancy Flight necklace idea or Beth’s Beach Earrings to achieve this look.

Cool and warm color combinations are perfect for creating summer style, too, like in our Catch a Wave necklace idea. Play with different elements to make something fun, something that reminds you of summer. You’re on vacation to take a break from winter, after all!

If you’re still not sure where to go but just want to get away, simple and flexible is a great start. Earrings are the best way to change up a look since there’s no need for eye-catching focals. Fine silver chain that sweeps across the shoulders (or just above) will give you a classy feel for an evening out but will still be simple enough to wear during the day walking along the sandy shore. Try one of these three earring ideas for stunning results:

Tanzanite Tassels


Rollo Coaster

No time to get away? That’s okay! You can ward off cabin fever with summer jewelry projects to keep warm thoughts flowing by the fire. We have an amazing collection of sea life jewelry supplies and shell-shaped beads and components to get you started. Get into summer mode so you’ll be ready after the winter blast—just remember that hot cocoa and flip flops only work inside.

Remember, you can browse for more FREE summer jewelry ideas in our Learning Center.


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    Yes, I am tired of snow and cold… lol…I live in the north so you would think I was accepting but the older I get the less I like it. I’m at the stage where I could live south all winter long…not happening but nice thought!

    I lean towards simple pieces for myself, but I know my customers would love all of the above…I’ve made similiar tassel earrings with great results…


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    Bring on the warm weather. I sell beautiful jewelry sandals perfect accessory for your swimwear, coverup or a beautiful maxi dress. My customers love them. you will also.

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    I love the first set of earrings that you posted! The turtle bead would be a nice focal bead to add to a necklace or bracelet.

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