Winter Fashion for 2013

It’s easy to be excited for summer because it’s an opportunity to show off bright and beautiful looks. When winter rolls around, look forward to snuggling next to the fire as you watch snowfall from the back porch, or being able to don your favorite cozy sweater. Join us in discovering what’s new for the wintery season!

Now that we’ve looked back at what was trending in winter 2012, we can move forward with what’s hot this year. We’ll be seeing a lot of remnants from fall, especially the black and white color combo and looks with a military inspiration—defined shoulders, belted waists and tall boots accented by shades of regal red, navy blue and dark brass. Take a look at jewelry supplies that best fit these two trends from Artbeads—appropriately named Domino for the black and white scheme and Service Style for the masculine military influence.

Let’s take a look at some other fresh trends popping up for winter!


With the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, bondage-style leather is very much in. You can achieve this look with thin straps that wrap up and around your ankles, or you can lay multiple strands together and wrap around your wrist! Stick to traditional neutrals for winter. Heels with straps that wrap up the leg are super hot for winter—although you may want to watch for patches of ice if you decide to walk around in them. Try this: purchase a cheap pair of shoes and sew strands of leather cord so you achieve just enough of the strappy style you’re comfortable with—or even better, upgrade an old pair of stilettos with this same tactic.


Like the slick streets on a dark winter day, the shine from metallics will continue to be a favorite trend for winter seasons. Catch everyone’s eye with a subtle glimmer of bright metal accents in your jewelry, like adding bold silver charms or making a set of mixed media earrings with Base Metal Embellishments. Pair your bold metallics with a soft scarf, or add them to this accessory for an extra fierce look. Buttons are a fast and inexpensive way to adorn yourself in slick metal, too, and can be added to jewelry, clothing and other accessories.

Over Indulge in Accessories

You’ll want to layer on the jewelry and accessories as well as layering up for brisk winter walks! An elegant multi-strand necklace is a perfect way to get the look while still being subtle. Choose colors popular this season, like the palettes mentioned above or denim blue, which is always a favorite for winter fashionistas. Grab your extra large coat, a fun hat and long winter gloves to complete the look. The vintage look of evening gloves is back on trend, so dig through your costume closet or visit a consignment shop to find the perfect time-honored flair!

Men’s Fashion

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The men’s fashion scene has gone a bit extreme for winter—but in a good way! Taking inspiration from the world’s biggest playboy, designers have created tie robe jackets with shawl collars as a nod to Hugh Hefner in his famous smoking jackets. While the women’s scene last year was all about tangerine orange, this season the men will be rocking a brighter hue—a fluorescent orange shade.

Whatever you decide to wear this winter, it’s always fun to take a look at what’s rocking the runways so you can give it your own twist! Try tackling one of these trends by making something that reflects who you are. If this season didn’t impress you, don’t worry—our report for Spring 2013 will be coming soon!


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    looks like an interesting year when it comes to jewelry…having said that I generally go with what appeals…I do the odd trendy thing see what happens and may or may not repeat the style! Last season the leather bracelet with a silver plated tube was a huge hit…will see what happens this year.

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