2013 Academy Awards – Get the Look!

The end of the Hollywood award season is officially over, but that doesn’t mean your elegant evening looks have to stop. Today we’ll look back at some of our favorite looks from the 2013 Academy Awards and then show you how to recreate some of the most glamorous jewelry at home!

Red Carpet Favorites

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain
Photo Source: imdb.com.

The actress nominated for her role in Zero Dark Thirty channeled the golden age of Hollywood with her bold red lips and the cut of her fitted gown. Her strawberry locks were the perfect accent to her nude Armani Prive dress. The glittering pattern of Swarovski crystals across her dress seemed to flow from the gorgeous Harry Winston diamond earrings.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
Photo Source: imdb.com.

Young Hollywood’s ‘it’ girl ended up taking home the award for Best Actress for her work in Silver Linings Playbook and stunned us all in her soft, flowing Dior Haute Couture dress. With her hair comfortably pulled back in a bun, Jennifer was able to show off her backwards necklace—an innovative way to complement the strapless gown and still look classy. The way she wore this Chopard necklace was also a great way to show off her drop earrings.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek
Photo Source: eonline.com.

Following the flapper trend with art deco inspiration, Salma Hayek’s black and embellished dress by Alexander McQueen was a definite favorite. Even though she wore this amazing dress, don’t think that she missed out on wearing jewelry—she crowned her fancy updo with a stylish choker! The Cindy Chao maple leaves choker worked perfectly as a tiara for the big night.

How to Replicate the Red Carpet Style

Here are some more amazing jewelry designs that our designers made with Artbeads products, inspired by some of their favorite looks from the night. We’ll tell you how to make each one at home.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon
Photo Source: stylefrizz.com.

Chief Jewely Designer Cynthia loved the way Reese Witherspoon’s bracelet captured floral shapes inside a delicate frame, but wanted a little more color so she put this twist on the red carpet look.

Reese Bracelet

We made our bracelet approximately 7 inches long, so if your desired length is longer, you will need more eye pins and pearls as directed in the first step. Here are the quick steps to create our ‘Reese’ bracelet:

  • Thread ten Swarovski 6mm round pearls in Petrol onto their own ½-inch, 24 gauge eye pin and finish them with a simple loop technique. Connect four together like a chain, repeat. You should now have two pearls that stand alone.
  • Connect one of the 4-pearl chains from the step above to the left petal of one Swarovski Montana filigree daisy using a sterling silver open jump ring.
  • Connect the other end of the flower to a single pearl using a new jump ring. Connect the other end of the single pearl to a new filigree with a jump ring. Repeat this step two more times.
  • Connect the second 4-pearl chain to the last flower.
  • Measure out two strands of Swarovski silver-plated cuplink crystal chain approximately 6 inches long. Attach the open ends of one chain to the corresponding rings of the sterling silver 3-ring tube clasp (NOT the center rings).
  • Connect the pearl and flower chain created earlier to the center rings of the clasp. Use jump rings to attach the top petals of each filigree flower to the links in the cuplink chain.
  • Use a new set of jump rings to attach the bottom petals of each filigree flower to the links of the other cuplink chain. Then, connect this cuplink chain to the remaining rings of the tube clasp.

Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller
Photo Source: royaldish.com.

This classic beauty stole the red carpet from her husband, Daniel Day Lewis, with her diamond and pearl necklace. The black and white color combination is more popular than ever in Hollywood right now, both for its chic display and timeless elegance.

Rebecca Necklace

Artbeads designer Teri was inspired by her stunning style to create this intricate piece, and we’ll break down how to create it at home.

  • Use Fireline thread to stitch 50 Swarovski 6mm mini round beads in Crystal onto approximately 12 inches of 4.8mm SilverSilk flat knitted mesh in black. Go back through the beads for security.
  • Thread one sterling silver 2-inch head pin with a ball end with one 4mm Swarovski round pearl in Light Grey. Finish with a simple loop. Repeat once more. Then, thread two separate head pins with 6mm pearls, two head pins with 8mm pearls and one 10mm pearl, finishing all with a simple loop. Repeat this process eight times with a head pin and one 6mm Swarovski globe bead.
  • Attach one jump ring to a 13mm Swarovski cabochette pendant in Crystal. Repeat this eighteen more times.
  • Cut the ‘head’ off one 3-inch sterling silver head pin. Then, thread it with one 10mm Swarovski globe bead in Crystal and then two of the cabochette pendant jump rings. Finish with a simple loop. Repeat this eight more times.
  • Attach the pearl loops to the bottom of each cabochette and globe cluster eye pin.
  • Attach the pearl clusters and 6mm globe eye pins in an alternating pattern across the SilverSilk, starting with the smallest size pearl at the end and increasing in size towards the center.
  • Use the SilverSilk 3mm end caps to finish the ends of the flat mesh.
  • Cut the 090 rollo chain into five 1-inch strands. Connect four of the chains together using sterling silver open jump rings. Attach one open end to the single cabochette pendant and the other end to one SilverSilk end cap. Attach the remaining chain to the other SilverSilk end cap.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway
Photo Sources: A Retail Salmon and UK Lifestyle.

We’re so in love with Anne’s style—especially the jewelry she wore at the Academy Awards. This timeless beauty wore her choker with the drop in the back, but the necklace Artbeads Designer Cheri made looks beautiful both ways.

Anne Necklace

Be ready for the red carpet (or any color carpet) with quick instructions to make this one at home:

  • Use 5-minute, two-part epoxy to glue one half of the JBB sterling silver magnetic clasp to one Swarovski silver-plated filigree lily in Crystal. Set aside to let it dry.
  • Cut one piece of 20 gauge half hard sterling silver wire approximately 3 inches long. Thread one 20mm Swarovski cabochette pendant in Crystal onto the wire and make a wrapped loop with one end. Thread one faceted round onto the remaining wire and then finish the top with a simple loop. Trim any excess. Repeat this step.
  • Thread one 6mm Swarovski faceted round bead in Crystal onto one 1-inch sterling silver 20 gauge eye pin and finish with a simple loop. Repeat seventeen times.
  • Attach two open jump rings to the left and right petals of one lily. Repeat this sixteen times.
  • Create a chain with the filigree lilies and faceted rounds, starting and ending with a faceted round. Connect the last faceted round to the magnetic clasp from the first step. Connect the first faceted round to the other half of the magnetic clasp.
  • Attach one new faceted round eye pin to the left and right of the magnetic clasp lily. Connect one lily, faceted round and another lily to the left eye pin. Connect two faceted rounds and one lily to the right eye pin.
  • Connect the wrapped loop cabochette pendants to the ends of each open lily from the step above.

*Here’s an extra close-up shot*
anne necklace-closeup

Still need more glamorous ideas? Don’t miss our Red Carpet Jewelry Ideas from the Learning Center, each with easy-to-read instructions and a list of components.


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