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LC-Wedding Flowers

Not every bride wants to dress like a princess, but still wants to look classy. With bold touches balanced by elegant pearls, our Wedding Flowers necklace is the perfect design for this special newlywed. Its casual display helps keep happy memories of the wedding alive long after the day is over, and is appropriate to wear with jeans or a skirt. Learn how to make this versatile wedding necklace in our Learning Center!


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    Thank you!
    So many times I price something according to the “formula” and I think that no sane person would pay this price. Even though I put 20+ hours of work into it and certainly deserve to get paid for my time. Then I do some research on similar pieces flying around the internet and see what those designers are asking and I know that they are not getting in money what time they surely put into each piece.
    My point is, creativity is not always easily marked up and I thank you for helping me justify my decision to not over price my designs. I feel comfortable with my prices, even though the formula wasn’t accurate.

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