The 2013 Pantone Color of the Year – Emerald

Pantone Emerald

Photo Source: Pantone.

We’re absolutely in love with the Pantone color of the year—after all, we are nestled next to Seattle, the Emerald City. This rich, elegant color is the ultimate color of balance and well-being. Emerald has an organic feel, reminiscent of evergreen trees, but its jewel-toned characteristic makes it popular in fashion as a way to add a majestic touch. This shade of green is hard to miss, so it’s also great for reenergizing—the idea behind all of Pantone’s color choices for spring 2013. There are so many different ways to pull off Emerald in your everyday life, and we’ll show you a few today.

Clothing and Accessories

Shawn Johnson
Photo Source: My Oh My Blog.

We’ve been seeing a lot of green on the runways and in Hollywood, including the red carpet. Many starlets have stunned us in emerald gowns, like Shawn Robinson at the 2013 Golden Globes. Her sparkling getup, complete with matching clutch, was simply jaw-dropping. Even if you don’t have a team of designers, you can pull off emerald green with the simplest touches. Sport a silk blouse paired with black pants or an emerald green cardigan over a cream camisole. Speaking of sole, get in the spirit from head to toe with peep toe heels in emerald that can hint at the color of the year under your favorite pair of jeans. Support emerald on your fingernails, too!


Kelly Osborne Earrings

Kelly Osborne was another favorite at the Golden Globes in her emerald drop earrings (click here to learn how to recreate the look yourself!), but there are more ways to add this green to your wardrobe. A large emerald stone set with silver and clear crystal accents is the perfect setup for a cocktail ring.

Rose of Tralee Necklace

Or, if you’re looking for a more dramatic statement, bring the attention with a choker dripping in emerald drops, like in our Rose of Tralee necklace idea. This necklace pairs emerald with copper elements for a more earthly feel. You can even show your green pride with a versatile brooch in just minutes. Just glue your favorite emerald green cabochon to one of our pin backs or other embellishments.


Home Decor
Photo Source: Most Wanted.

Is green not your thing for fashion? That’s okay! You can still incorporate this color into your life for an invigorating splash. Because it’s such a well-balanced shade, offering both a natural beauty and a royal flair, emerald is ideal for use as home décor. Drape a green throw blanket over your couch for an inviting relaxation session. Place evergreen plants in your home office or den for both aesthetics and oxygen. This beautiful color makes a wonderful accent shade to your desired theme for a room—or as the main scheme! Bring the color with you with an emerald coffee mug to send good vibes your way all day, too. You’re only limited by your imagination for adorning your home in this lovely shade.

Oz the Great and Powerful
Photo Source:

Look forward to seeing more emerald in the future, too! Disney’s new film, Oz the Great and Powerful is sure to be a big hit and we can’t wait. With spring just around the corner, a lot more green will be sprouting around outside as well. Get in the spirit and go green—emerald green, that is!


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