Artbeads Employee Design – Katie’s Quilt

Katie's Quilt

Our email marketing specialist Katie is quite the quilter! She’s been working on this quilt for about a year and was kind enough to bring it in so we could share it with you. Her sea life theme includes cute jellyfish and seaweed right now, but she plans to add a few more aquatic creatures to it soon.

Jellyfish Close-up

You may be asking She works at Artbeads but doesn’t have any beads on her quilt? She will! Katie shared that she has mapped out where she wants to plant her embroidered beads—along the top edge of each jellyfish and a few sprinkled in the seaweed. She’ll use seed beads to create a delicate and intricate border.

Seaweed Close-Up

This is just a sneak peek at her cool project. Stay tuned for a blog update when we get to see the final design!

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    • Angela Mullis
    • March 22, 2013

    Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

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