Our Designers’ Favorite Jump Rings

Designers Favorite Jump Rings

The Artbeads jewelry designers are experts in using the best components and techniques, and love sharing their knowledge with our readers so anyone can create professional jewelry. One of the most overlooked (but very important) parts of a design is the jump ring. Using the correct size, shape and even finish can impact the overall look of a piece. We asked a couple of our experts which jump rings were their favorites and why. Scroll down to discover which ones they prefer for their projects!

Cynthia Kimura

Nouveau Necklace

I use the 19 gauge 0.90×4.60mm sterling silver open jump rings a lot. They are thin and go easily into every clasp and charm loop. Sometimes those loops have very small openings, and the 19 gauge of this jump ring is perfect.

Christmas Tableau Bracelet

For a stronger jump ring I love the 18 gauge sterling silver 1.00×6.10mm open jump rings. These jump rings go with a lot of chains, and they close so well that I know my thread won’t go through the opening if my jump ring isn’t closed perfectly. When I work with some heavy beads on a necklace I like to use the sterling silver 1.27×5.0mm open jump ring or the 1.27×8.0mm jump ring. I also like to use them between the clasp and the crimp tube.

Teri McCamish

Freedom Form Bracelet

I love oval jump rings and the reason why is: they have the opening on the long side of the oval, meaning the link is less apt to fail than a round where the crimped wire could find that opening and slip out. Don’t think that it won’t! Even if they were tugged it’s not likely to find that gap on the side. The sterling silver oval jump ring in 20 gauge is nice and sturdy.

Renesmees Locket

My other two favorites are base metal ovals in copper plated and gunmetal finish…these are a staple in my work. They are TierraCast and the quality is superior.

If you ever feel stumped on which findings would be a perfect fit, always know that our designers are here to help! You can leave a question here on our blog, on our Facebook page or email us at [email protected].


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    • Wleanor239
    • April 28, 2013

    I recently ordered locking jump rings but now am unable to find the instructions. Please let me know where I can find them. Thx

    1. Reply

      Hi there- You can find our Handy Tip for locking jump rings here.

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