Swept up in Spring

Eiffel Tower in Spring
Photo Source: travelchannel.com.

Spring is just on the horizon! We can’t wait for the return of Sunday picnics, blossoming flowers and the smell of fresh rain. A sunlit sidewalk blanketed in soft petals, or a rolling green hillside lit up by a pale blue sky is what we can’t wait to view when the season changes. Prepare for spring’s arrival by celebrating its beauty in your jewelry.

Monets Garden

One of the most exciting parts of spring is the array of color that comes from the newly budded flowers. Like a field of wildflowers, your color palette doesn’t have to be perfect—it should just be natural. Experiment with new patterns or color pairings that you thought may have clashed in the past. Our Monet’s Garden necklace is a gorgeous whirlwind of colors, shapes and elements and a perfect reflection of natural wonder. You can also look to Pantone’s color choices for spring 2013 for a beautiful palette to start with. Spring is all about new beginnings and rejuvenation, so why not try something new in your designs?

Birds Bees Flowers and Trees

Take a note from nature in another way by using nature-themed components in an idea. Leaf shapes, even the simplest pieces, can evoke a powerful feeling and take a design from one emotion to another. Try using a twig link or a floral clasp for a drop of outdoor inspiration. We have a whole collection of beads and components dedicated to the beauty of nature—we call it Birds & Bees and Flowers & Trees.

Sports Charms

Spring also means we can play outside again, so if your style is more calm and casual, bring this out in a design. Add a sports charm like baseball or golf to show others what spring means to you. We also have some dazzling blinged-out sports charms if you need a little extra sparkle.

LC-Springtime Carnival

Pick a memory to illustrate in a necklace or bracelet with colors and shapes that stimulate your senses! Pair white and yellow together to represent your first bouquet of daisies, or string pastel oval beads between fern green pieces as a way to represent the fun you had joining in on the big Easter egg hunt. Our Caspia™ collection of large-hole beads make it easy to tell your story with grace and elegance, but still have fun.

Need more ideas for spring? Our Learning Center provides free spring jewelry design guides that come with step-by-step instructions and a list of components used so you can recreate it at home. If you have a favorite spring design already made, share it with us! Post it to our Facebook fan page or we’ll share it if you email [email protected].

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  1. Reply

    what a great mixture of pieces for spring…it will come quickly! I know I’ve started to think about what I’m going to do for the coming season.
    I’ve not visited for awhile as I’ve been away, returning March 17th…will visit when I can…

    • marylou
    • March 4, 2013

    I can feel the creative juices thawing out…and getting the urge to start doing some beautiful pieces…Wish I had all of the beads pictured here..boy could I go to town designing some fantastic things….

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