Which Witch Are You?

The Witches of the Emerald City
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In celebration of the new film, Oz the Great and Powerful in theaters now, we thought it would be fun to break down the styles of the three witches of the movie. This prequel to the 1939 The Wizard of Oz tells the story of how the wizard came to the Emerald City and his encounters with three witches. All three witches have a distinct style to match their equally unique personalities, so we’ll showcase each style and how to make it your own.


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You may remember Glinda the Good Witch from the original movie. Glinda’s gentle nature comes through in her angelic voice, bubbly personality and appearance. This kind witch symbolizes light—demonstrated by the delicate sparkles on her cream colored dress and fair hair. Glinda is a powerful witch who wishes to restore peace to her land, but cannot take on the evil forces that plague her city alone.

Gilda Necklace

If you believe your style matches Glinda’s kind spirit, reflect her bright and sparkly fashion with creams, whites and blush pinks. Accent these colors with clear Swarovski crystals for a classy finish. Embellish a flowing top with golden glimmer, too. We see Glinda shining through in our Learning Center idea, Gilda.


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The delightfully devious ruler of Oz is Evanora. Although she has tricked her sister Theodora into believing she is a good witch, Evanora has fun being a bad girl. Her dark and twisted attitude is hidden behind her beauty, making for a dangerous enemy for the movie’s hero. Her wardrobe shadows this, with her dark dress accented by enchanting greens and gold.

Emerald Necklace

Do you like Evanora’s good-to-be-bad style? If so, play with bold elements like gunmetal chain or antique brass and enrich them with electric pops of color, like an emerald green pendant or a bright rubber cord. With this beautifully dangerous persona, Evanora can be embodied in our Emerald Necklace idea.


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The sweet, naïve little sister of Evanora, Theodora believes both she and her sister want only good to come to their land. She is unaware of her sister’s intentions and is still learning where she herself fits in. Her style is very much a combination of Evanora and Glinda’s personalities—she wears the color red through the film, which is not a dark color but is still bold. Her feminine blouse and jacket are offset by black pants, as if even her style struggles to find definition.

Modern Filigree Earrings

If you’re a fan of balancing fierce and feminine like Theodora, pair a neutral tone like white or tan with a louder color—like bright red. Try mixing pearls with lampwork glass to create a design that’s dangerously stylish and delicate. We think our Modern Filigree earrings are a perfect representation of this young witch.

Don’t forget to go see Oz the Great and Powerful, and keep your eyes out for more cool style ideas from the film!


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  1. Reply

    Not sure I’m best represented by *any* witch, but I do like Evanora’s gun metal stuff and the red that Theodora’s rocking.

    • BJ Cloouston
    • March 11, 2013

    Somewhere between Glinda and Theodora. I love the outstanding red. I’m told I have a bubbly personality. However I do not have an angelic voice. Maybe I am Glindora. 😉 Much as I love seed beads, I would be inclined to leave them off the earrings and maybe add some crystal bicones.

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