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Disco Mirror Balls

Pavé beads are so sparkly that they can light up and shine at any angle—like a disco ball! No wonder why they’re often referred to as disco beads. In honor of our disco-themed pavé sale this week, we thought it’d be fun to take a funky trip back to the height of the disco era and relive some of the best fashion trends.

The Clothes

The disco dance club was an escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world; it was a chance to get away and just dance. This fantasy feeling was amplified by the elaborate outfits found on the dance floor for both women and men. The shiny, lightweight material was perfect for being seen under the bright lights and busting out moves effortlessly.

Qiana Shirts for Men
Photo Source: Pinterest.

Qiana shirts were a top choice for the disco dude. These slinky polyester tops were casual, comfortable and colorful—a disco trifecta.

Women Fashion
Photo Source: ultimatehistoryproject.com.

Disco women flocked to different looks, but they all opted for lightweight material to keep their dance moves fluid. The cosmic appeal of shiny silver played off the other-worldly feel of disco. Sequined tube tops, wrap dresses and high-waist jeans were the way to go. Clothes were form fitting to keep a sensual vibe in the dance studio, but still comfortable so could dance all night long.

The Shoes

Platform Shoes
Photo Source: stylite.com.

Platform shoes were made for disco! These cool kicks elevated the dancer so everyone would take notice and were as varied in style as the dancers who wore them. The heavy center inside the thick heels made for sluggish dancing, so designers started to hollow them out. This is what sparked the idea for some to start filling their shoes with objects—like goldfish—for added flash in their flair.

Candies Shoes
Photo Source: woodenslides.com.

Candies was the brand of shoe you wanted if you were looking to dance the night away. The high heel style, with one strap in the front, was the best.

The Hair

You musn’t forget about the hair! The way you styled your hair for disco had to emphasize your passion for dancing, so it had to be something that made you to look glamorous as you danced. Some of the most popular looks were the afro and the feathered look.

Afro Hairstyle
Photo Source: minnafoto.wordpress.com.

Afros had to be rounded and sit nicely atop the head, and the bigger the afro the better!

Farrah Fawcett Feathered Hair
Photo Source: bangstyle.com.

The feathered look was made popular for women by stars like Farrah Fawcett, but long, straight hair parted in the middle remained trendy for women in the 1970s as well.

The Jewelry

1970s jewelry
Photo Source: thejewelryblog.com.

Gold ruled the 1970s! Large chains and gold pendants were ideal for men because they captured the edgy side of a guy but were just flashy enough for the studio. Women wore thin gold chains layered across their neck and were also fond of big hoop earrings, lucite beads and bangles.

Disco Diva Fashion Trend

Want more retro? Take a look at our Disco Diva fashion trend and find beads and other jewelry supplies to make divine disco designs! If you need a little extra glimmer, don’t forget about our pavé style beads—on sale now. See them all here.

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