Happy April Fool’s Day

Photo Source: nierocks.com.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Have you got any pranks planned for today? We’ve decided to celebrate with a giveaway. We’re not kidding, we’re actually giving away a fabulous prize for April Fool’s Day! You could win a $10 gift certificate for Artbeads.com. No joke! It’s easy to enter, too. Share a story in the comments below about a great April Fool’s Day prank you pulled on someone or that someone pulled on you and you could win!

This contest is only for today, so be sure to enter right away, before 11:59pm PST tonight. Please, one entry per person. For official contest rules, click here. Enjoy the day!

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    • Sarouchka Lobbens
    • April 1, 2013

    I stated on a few facebook pages the folowing:
    “Did you know the word gullible isnt in the dictionary!”
    Loads of people came bat that it was in there, they looked it up.
    Some people are so gullible lol

  1. Reply

    I had some of those little fireworks that you can hold in your hand with a string and they pop when you pull them. Well I taped those too the bathroom door because I knew my dad would come home and go to the bathroom. He went down the hallway and opened the door and twenty of them went off at once and he jumped about a foot back into the hallway.

    • Esme Kaye
    • April 1, 2013

    Best trick, especially for kids to try on their parents – at night after everybody’s gone to bed, take a piece of clear scotch tape and wrap it around the sprayer nozzle at the kitchen sink, enclosing the lever portion as you do so. Replace the nozzle and make sure the tape will hold but doesn’t stand out. (Putting a sponge or something in front can help) Turn the nozzle slightly towards the center of the sink.

    Whichever person gets up first and turns on the water to start the coffee will get a lovely surprise when the nozzle sprays them in the face.

    • Liz Crafton
    • April 1, 2013

    My fiance sent me to the store to rent a new movie we both wanted to watch. When I got back, I told him “Sorry, Honey. The movie you wanted was all rented out. But, I got ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ instead. He’s like, “You got us a chick flick?” And I’m like “Well, no, it’s more of an informational flick – since you might need to know it pretty soon….” He went white, stuttered, and said “What…you’re not…” And, with a straight face I said “Uh, yeah…I am.” He just sat there for a few minutes while I looked at him…and then I started laughing! April Fools, Dear! lol

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