The Tucson Ten Winners

The Tucson Ten Winners

Congratulations to Tammy M, Nat M, Jennifer, Ana K, Shannon R, Juliana T, Natalie J, Betty W, Dhea and Jennifer C! They’ve won our phenomenal sets of Tucson beads and now we’re giving them a month to create designs that you, our fans and followers, will vote on. The design with the highest votes will win a $50 gift certificate and we’ve even got surprises planned for some lucky voters, too. Check back here Monday, May 13, 2013 to start voting on the designs and maybe even win a little something for yourself.

Until then, check out the ten winners’ stories about what these beads made them think of. Happy Beading!

Tammy M: “LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! They remind me of a safari! Or even a weekend on the ranch…Leather would look FABULOUS mixed with them!”

Nat M: “They remind me of Mimbres pottery, shotgun pellets, broken shards of beer and liquor bottles, and insect larvae; everything southern New Mexico. I lived there for over a year and met my husband there. There is a feeling of vast loneliness and violence sometimes mixed with the soft buzz of small things flitting about, very much alive.”

Jennifer: “Oh. My. There are SOOOOOO many amazing pieces that could be made with these!!! I agree with those who have said ‘safari’ or ‘carved rock’. There’s something very “earthy” about these beads.
And then one of my cats jumped on my desk. She’s a seal point Birman (like a Siamese, but long fur & white paws). These beads remind me of her. Beautiful. Exotic. And playful!!!”

Ana K: “These coloring of these beads remind me of a frothy iced tea with a lime on the side 🙂 ”

Shannon Rutt: “I would love to design a ‘boho’ chic set of jewelry with these beads! I have a ’69 VW Bus that we’ve converted to a pop-up bead shop! We’re just entering “market” season and love to go to all the indie fairs and farmers markets during the summer! I’m thinking boho, layers, brown leather, and of course a little bling with these beads….haute hippie!!!”

Juliana T: “Thinking of the polymer bead with some of my hematite and white rounds for a cool summer look.”

Natalie J: “So beautiful! The clay beads are really unique and really remind me of the rock carvings in AZ. I think they would stand out so strongly in any piece!”

Betty W: “I’d use the clay beads with copper and leather to make a desert-inspired necklace. Then I’d use the strands on the left to make a lovely layered bracelet.”

Dhea: “I’d love to win these beads!!! I love the colors and textures. I think I’d like to make one of my multiple strand bracelets with them. My husband and I dream of having a working ranch someday. One that we can run a food pantry on for our community, among other things. And these beads make me think of that. Add in that they are earthy and rustic… and I love everything about them! What a pretty collection. I pray I’ll get a chance to be one of the winners. Thank you for this chance!! 🙂 ”

Jennifer C: “The colors remind me of a dusty thrift/junk shop I was in on a stop through Oatman, AZ on our way to the Grand Canyon last fall. I took a picture there of an old teddy bear sitting on an old rusty milk jug. Also April 11 is my Birthday!! 🙂 ”

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    I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!! I adore these beads & can’t wait to “play”!

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    I just got my beads and my mind is exploding with ideas! 🙂

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      Awesome Natalie 🙂

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    Got my beads and immediately changed my mind about what to make – I got a cowboy vibe from the brown and white beads and that’s the direction I’m going…..

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