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It’s always good to hear when we are doing something right. We recently heard from Eva K., one of our customers, who had lots of lovely things to say about us:

I wanted to drop a note to just say how much I appreciate your company. As a new small business just starting up, I have run into my share of bad customer service and getting “taken to the cleaners”…and only in the last few months!

I have come to trust your company for CONSISTENT quality in products. CONSISTENT speed in shipping. CONSISTENT low prices and then coupons that customers can actually use WITH sales! (How amazing is THAT?) Then, a Crystal Rewards Program (FREE) where customers earn FREE credits to use to purchase more products in the future as they make their regular purchases! It can get almost addicting…;-)

I actually had to return some items (which I hate to do and so rarely attempt), but only because I realized I couldn’t use them. I called your customer service line and got a very friendly and professional lady on the phone. Her name was Mariah. Instead of what I get from other companies; “Well, there is a ‘restocking’ fee and we won’t pay for shipping,” I got “How would you like your refund?” and “Oh, why do you need our address? It should be on the label you print out for the shipping.” What? “Oh, no, we certainly wouldn’t expect our customers to pay for a return! And we try to keep our shipping costs as low as possible as well.” Well, duh. I DID know that part. I order enough from your site!

 I should not have been surprised by all of this as it is all just basic good customer service. It’s just that it’s so RARE. That’s sad, I know.  HOWEVER, Artbeads is doing it right, doing it WELL, and doing it CONSISTENTLY! That makes me a loyal customer and strong supporter of your company. Thank you!”

Thanks for the excellent feedback, Eva! What do you have to say? Check the box on your next order to review our store or add your comments to our Facebook page. You can also email us with your feedback at [email protected] You might just be featured right here on our blog!

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    • JT Laurent
    • October 29, 2014

    I’ve got to say that Eva K. said everything I would say, but much better! Yes, your company has provided the most CONSISTENT valuable service in all arenas. And yes, this can get addicting! I love it.

    Your Loyal Customer….. JT

    • Pam Allen
    • June 19, 2015

    I really look forward to Fridays as that is when Kristal and Cynthia show their new videos. I know you both have been told this many times, but you are so fun and informative. I finally figured out how to do the Cellini stitch thanks to Cynthia, and Crystal you shine and sparkle and add to the conversation. I just love you both. Your fan

    • Miranda
    • July 22, 2015

    Hey I love the dot beads by Cynthia Are we able to use this pattern as long as we change the colors and make the beads different like use different beads beads or would that be against policy thank you I don’t want to do anything wrong

    • leslie grother
    • December 25, 2019

    Your Company needs a new Tec your website is awful.
    Tried to set up account for 2 days . Called for help
    Still problems. Happy I didn’t get to putting in my
    Credit Card . I judge companies on the web by how friendly
    it is to use. learned my lesson . I know returns if necessary
    will be a nightmare

    still problems

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