The Wonders of Kumihimo

Kumihimo at Artbeads

At Artbeads, we love creating beautiful kumihimo braids for our jewelry. This ancient Japanese art form is a relaxing way to pass the time and the results are always fabulous. As the ideas above showcase, we’ve experimented with adding animal print patterns, beads and even SilverSilk to our kumihimo designs.

Our customers are just as adventurous as us when it comes to kumihimo. Take a look at the bracelet Artbeads user Holly made.

Holly's Kumihimo Bracelet

Holly used Miyuki Long Magatamas in her kumihimo bracelet. Magatamas add interesting dimension to kumihimo designs, thanks to their feathered or scale-like look. Holly loves the “beautiful, subtle finish” of these particular Magatamas and we have to agree!

You can learn how to make a similar bracelet with the free instructions for our Monterey Pop bracelet.

Monterey Pop

We used a colorful pattern of different Magatamas for our bracelet, but you can pick your favorite beads and start adding them to your kumihimo designs today! Have you already experimented with kumihimo in your jewelry? Share your favorite kumihimo designs with us in the comments below, post a picture to our Facebook page, or add a picture of your design to a product review on our website. Your design might just be featured in a blog post, on Facebook or even on our Customer Designs Pinterest Board!

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    I became addicted to beaded Kumihimo about 3 years ago and have not looked back since. Every piece looks different depending on the type/size/color of beads you use in the basic 8-strand design. Here are a few examples: ; ;

    1. Reply

      I love all of your designs, Anita! It’s fascinating to see how the beads you choose really change up the way the braid looks. Keep it up! – Becky

    • Sam Mason
    • November 9, 2014

    Love Kumihimo! I have made many bracelets with magatamas and I finish them with end caps shaped as a snake head and tail. They sellout every time.

    1. Reply

      What a great way to finish a kumihimo braid, Sam! Thanks for sharing! – Becky

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    Really Kumihimo like every other Japanese art form makes a pretty picture. Never saw beads woven so beautifully in a braid.

  3. Reply

    The Tibetan style silver clasp is so lovely!

    • sherry
    • December 10, 2016

    Hi. I also love kumihimo beading. Took a class in October and have had fun and great results. I would like to pattern the beads in my kumihimo necklace and bracelet, but do not know/understand how to achieve this result. Can anyone help me?

    Thanks, sherry

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    If anyone can help me, I’d really appreciate a response.
    I can’t figure out how to access my rewards points.
    It does show my Points Balance from before the “switch” but no indication of how to get it to apply to a purchase.
    I also had a cash back balance that I don’t see anywhere.
    I’ve email Artbeads twice but haven’t heard back. I imagine they are pretty busy.

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