Why Artbeads is Excellent

At Artbeads.com, we love hearing from our customers. It’s always good to hear what we’re doing right and what you, as customers, love. Here’s what Artbeader Cathryn C. has to say about us:

I use Artbeads for 90% of my Christmas, birthday and ‘other’ gifts, because Artbeads provides me with all of the implements I need.

On-line ordering is a breeze, because the Artbeads web site has an excellent Search engine.

Delivery is *extremely* swift.

Packaging is superb, with Artbeads supplies securely cocooned in multiple wrappings and surrounded by a weather-proof box.

Opening an Artbeads package is such joy! I unwrap the pretty purple gift wrap, to find not only my ordered elements, but a ‘mystery gift.’ And the ‘mystery gift’ is invaraibly *Beautiful.*

Every step of my transaction is sheer pleasure, so I remain an enchanted repeat customer.

100/100 for Artbeads!

Thanks for those kind words, Cathryn!

If you’re looking for gift ideas like Cathryn, check out our Learning Center, where we have thousands of jewelry and craft ideas with free instructions. We have ideas for every budget, style and experience level.

You can also give a kit as a gift!

Artbeads DIY Jewelry Kits

Our DIY Jewelry Kits are perfect for gift-giving. They are easy-to-make and come in pretty packaging. Make them as gifts or just give the kit as a gift to a beginning beader in your life. There are lots of styles to choose from!

Like Cathryn said, every order comes wrapped in pretty purple tissue. Artbeader Lori B. shared this picture of her purple package on our Facebook page:

Artbeads Purple Package

So, what do you have to say about Artbeads.com? The next time you order, make sure to leave a review after check-out! Or, leave a review on our Facebook page. Just click the “Reviews” tab on our Timeline. You can also leave a comment below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Reply

    Art Beads has been quite professional , and
    therefore enjoyable , to do business with.
    The photo of the purple wrapped order is
    just exactly how you’ll find each package that
    comes in. I appreciate Art Beads keeping a log
    of every item that has been ordered , and the
    current status of that item , or the ability to
    quickly add it to another order. It’s a big plus
    for Art Beads customers. Finally , being able to
    order Swarovski beads , one at a time , has been
    a huge help and a money saving option. And
    the design/coupon cards that come with each
    order is nice , also.
    Thanks Art Beads !

  2. Reply

    Shopping at Artbeads is a wonderful experience, starting from their website, to purchasing Swarovski crystals in a small quantity, the anticipation of the delivery and the opening of a beautiful package. Not to forget the promotional gifts and the discount cards.

  3. Reply

    Shopping at Artbeads is a wonderful experience, starting from the design of their website, the opportunity of purchasing Swarovski crystals in small quantities, the anticipation of the delivery of the package and the final moment of opening the beautifully wrapped items.

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