Beads in Crafting – A Royal Beauty Contest for Embellished Trinkets!

We here at Artbeads had some fun over the holidays! We found some fun little animal statues and handed them out to employees with the challenge of decorating them with flatbacks, beads and other embellishments. The results are absolutely superb. First, take a look at Princess Kitty, decorated by Artbeads employee Sheryl:

Princess Kitty also came with a royal decree:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, to this royal decree!

Artisans and craftsmen from across the entire royal kingdom were commissioned to provide elegance in attire for both Princess Kitty and her royal steed, Beauty.

Princess Kitty’s body art and clothing were specifically designed and crafted to accentuate the royal glow of her perfectly round royal cheeks.

Beauty’s bridle and saddle, underneath the royal blanket, were masterfully crafted to coincide with Princess Kitty’s perfect choice of flowers to adorn her royal steed, Beauty.

No expense, craftsman, or resource was spared to enhance the already beautiful Princess Kitty and her royal steed, Beauty.

In addition, it was made perfectly clear to all artisans and craftsmen involved that their reward of keeping their head firmly attached to their neck depended solely on the outcome of this royal beauty contest.

May the kingdom prosper with the reading of this royal decree!

Our employees made sure the other trinkets were also bedazzled and bejeweled properly for the royal beauty contest. Take a look at Jen M’s flower:

Swarovski flatbacks and seed beads make a stunning display on each petal! We also love the eclectic assortment of colors.

Cindy created a loving look with this heart:

Again, flatbacks create a sparkling and sweet style. We especially love the chessboard flatback at the center of the heart!

A turtle, decorated by Tina, looks totally fun:

His cute little hat adds character and we adore the lampwork turtle from Unicorne Beads hitching a ride on his back. Don’t miss the cute TierraCast dragonfly charm worn as a necklace!

Hilary’s star design certainly shines:

We love the glitter in an Artbeads Purple color, along with all of the other cute embellishments.

Terri got spirited when decorating her rabbit:

It’s a Seahawks Bunny! is located in Washington state, so of course we love supporting Seattle’s favorite football team. It looks like this bunny is sporting a seed bead vest and hat, made with our Go Team Artbeads Designer Seed Bead Blends.

Christina M. decided to decorate an exotic elephant:

Tiny golden seed beads add detail to the saddle and bridle, while focal beads hang majestically from the elephant’s trunk. It looks like this elephant is carrying a treasure of Czech glass on its back!

Everyone at Artbeads was absolutely charmed by these creations! But we absolutely fell in love when it was revealed that each one lights up:

Isn’t that incredible? The colors can even change! Now these unforgettable cuties are sure to stand out, day and night!

We definitely had fun decorating these trinkets and they are going to look great around the office. So, which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below and if you have a trinket that you’ve made or decorated with beads, share it with us here or on our Facebook page.

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    • Josephine
    • January 16, 2016

    How can you pick a favorite? They are all beautiful, simply beautiful..

    • Sassy
    • March 4, 2016

    After looking these over several, several times and sharing them with my friends, I can now say I’ve finally chosen my favorite… and that would be ALL of them!! Goodness, adorableness and beautifullness all at the same time!! That’s hard to achieve dont’cha know. I have to use my favorite words to describe them… gorgemous and beautimous! Love them. Keep blogging, I adore y’all over there at Artbeads!

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    Beautifull designs!

  3. Reply

    😄 Wonderful! and wonderful Princess Kitty story!

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