Bead Storage Solutions

Experienced beaders and novices alike are always trying to find great ways to store their jewelry-making supplies. Whether you work in your own studio or take some space on your kitchen table for designing, it’s easier to work when your supplies are organized, easy to access and visible! Elizabeth Ward came up with the Bead Storage Solutions system with all of these factors in mind.

Bead Storage Solutions

These trays feature removable clear containers in a variety of sizes. The containers close individually and can slide around within the tray, meaning you can group your components however you want and move them with ease if you need to rearrange! The tray also comes with a clear lid, which will keep the smaller containers in place if traveling (and you’ll still be able to see your beads). A sheet of labels is included with the 45-piece Bead Storage Solutions assorted storage tray set and the 82-piece tiny container storage tray, so you can keep everything organized. Here’s a tip for easy labeling: use the sticker from your Artbeads order! Just take the label off of your order bag and place it on the lid of the container you want to use.

We love this system and so do our customers! Here’s what Artbeader “piasm” has to say:

My bead collection has grown rapidly, and with each wave of new beads, I invent new ways to store them…This compact, sturdy unit has, so far, been a delight. All of my 15/0 and 11/0 beads are now stored compactly in 3 stacking units that sit right beside me at my work area, making it an ease to mix and design. These clear little containers, that open and close in a snap…take up a mere fraction of the space. My work space tends to get crawling with beads of a hundred types between designing and trying different techniques and projects, but this setup seems to keep my space so tidy and prevents runaway beads. The tray cover adds to tidiness by preventing dust (and cat hair) from settling between work sessions.

Artbeader Carole loves the storage system because “it’s neat, compact and easy to find what I’m looking for.” Take a look at how she’s using her Bead Storage Solutions trays:

Artbeader Carole's Bea Storage Solutions Trays

All of her beads are easy to see and perfectly organized!

Artbeader Rael loves the system because the containers are “easy to grip to remove from their tray…Each little container is securely locked and slides into place and then they are covered by a locking lid for extra security.” Rael not only uses the locking lid for extra security – she thinks it makes a nice extra bead tray while you’re working, too! Here’s another tip from Rael on how to use those labels: “I’ve used the stickers that come with the box to write the size and color. I keep a sticky note inside the lid to write down the colors I am short of.”

Bead Storage Solutions Trays

You can purchase the Bead Storage Solutions tray and containers separately to mix and match the storage options you need for your stash! Find tiny, small, medium and large containers that slide right into any Bead Storage Solutions tray!


Artbeader “RagdollMama” loves these containers: “The flip top on these containers is so secure but easy to open and durable enough that if you drop a container it doesn’t shatter or spill the contents all over the floor!”

It’s clear that these trays are the way to go if you want an organized work space! Now you can add to your system with the Bead Storage Solutions work in progress tray.


This tray includes a bead design board and a foam bead design board cover. With this tray, you can take your works in progress on the go and they will stay secure between beading sessions! Since this tray is the same size as the other trays in the system, it is stackable. You can easily add it to your system.

Try out the Bead Storage Solutions trays for yourself and see how they can keep your beads in order, while still allowing your creativity to flow! Already using the Bead Storage Solutions system? Leave a product review to let us know how you like them or share with us on our Facebook page.

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    • Ragan
    • January 15, 2019

    I love these things. I have probably dropped over $1000 on them (not all at once, but ordering one or two at a time over several years). So easy to rearrange when you fill up a tray (unlike storage containers with fixed compartments). I either buy the ones with tiny containers, or buy the empty tray and add small (occasionally medium) containers. I try to wait to purchase until there’s a discount or coupon (or cash back/Artbeads rewards redeemable for a gift certificate), though.

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