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Like everyone else on the planet, we love Pokemon GO!  A few of our team members here at Artbeads have caught the bug and have been trying to “catch em’ all”.  We thought it’d be fun to share a quick list of components to create Pokemon GO inspired friendship bracelets, key chains, and phone charms.  Make a bunch for your friends, family, kids, or coworkers!  Create any of these based on your team color or the colors of your favorite Pokemon.

Easily create a herringbone or square knot weave to make quick and easy thread wrapped bracelets. You’re welcome to use your own techniques, too. Find our step-by-step pictorials of how we do our herringbone and square knot weaves here and here.


You can use S-Lon Bead cord or Chinese Knotting cord in various colors and sizes to achieve your Pokemon GO themed project.  Embroidery floss would work great as well or feel free to use whatever you have on hand.  Below are just a few examples of Pokemon and their colors to inspire you.

Pikachu – Show off some Pikachu style with lots of yellow to match his cute coloring. Throw in some red for his rosy cheeks, or accent with brown and black to mimic the accents on his tail, ears, and back.  You can stick with all yellow or try a combination of yellow, light brown, black, and red.  Yellow, red, and black are also cute options, but feel free to mix it up with any color combinations that make you think of Pikachu. Here are some items you could use:


Shown from left to right: Topaz, Taupe, and Dark Siam Chinese Knotting Cords, S-Lon Bead Cord Fall Mix

Squirtle – You can catch this cool water Pokemon sporting sunglasses from time to time, you can’t miss him!  Get your Squirtle style on with shades of blue, to match his body.  You can even throw in brown to represent his shell.


Shown from left to right: Powder Blue, Neon Deep Blue, and Dark Brown Chinese Knotting Cords

Charmander – Charmander’s a fiery little orange lizard with a flame-lit tail!  Try using shades of orange and, if you’d like, you can use yellow and red to represent the flames.


Shown from left to right: Neon Orange, Neon Deep Orange, and Dark Siam Chinese Knotting Cords

Bulbasaur – Bulbasaur is hard to miss with the green blossom sprouting on his back and his eye-catching turquoise body.  Use shades of dark, bright, and medium green to match his style!


Shown from left to right: Emerald and Dark Green Chinese Knotting Cords, S-Lon Bead Cord Summer Mix

Now, depending on what team you’re on in the game, you can use one of the primary colors as your base and accent with various shades of the same color if you want or use just one solid color.  Team Instinct shines in yellow, Team Mystic is serene in blue, and Team Valor burns the color red.  You can use the following item as your base colors for any of these teams.


Shown: S-Lon Bead Cord Primary Mix



Artbeads Designer Cheri used the following components for the keychain and bracelets pictured: S-Lon Bead Cord in Black and Copper, Chinese Knotting Cord in Dark Siam, Neon Deep Blue, and Topaz, TOHO Round beads in Frosted Ceylon Butter Yellow and Matte Opaque Cherry, and a gold jump ring

For the variations of red try these:


Shown from left to right: Burgundy, Dark Siam, Siam Chinese Knotting Cords

For the variations of blue try these:

Shown from left to right: Powder Blue and Neon Deep Blue Chinese Knotting Cords, S-Lon Bead Cord Montana and Winter Mix

For variations of yellow try these:


Shown from left to right: Topaz and Taupe Chinese Knotting Cords

For a full listing of colors of the Super Lon beading string please visit here.  For a full listing of the Chinese Knotting cord please visit here.

These are just a few ideas and color palettes to inspire you to create a bracelet, keychain, or phone charm based on your favorite Pokemon or Pokemon GO team. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Pokemon is and what team you’re representing!

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    • August 1, 2016

    Super creative! Thanks for the idea, Artbeads! <3


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