New Swarovski Innovations and a Fun Contest

Swarovski has announced their Innovations for Fall/Winter 2017/18 and we’re so excited to dive into the new colors, shapes, effects, and more! So excited, in fact, that we are running a cool contest where you can help us give the new pearl coating a nickname. Take a look at a little sneak peek of the Innovations below and learn more about our exciting contest. Shop these Innovations here.

Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18

Innovations Sneak Peek – The Nature of Us

These Innovations are all about what defines us and how we express ourselves. With that in mind, these items are great for expressing yourself any way you want. The wide array of new colors, effects, and components celebrate this movement toward more understanding and acceptance.

New Colors and Effects

Rainbow Dark

Rainbow Dark

This effect features a unique metallic shine with a dark, oily pattern on top of the crystal that creates a multicolor look. With this effect, the rules are thrown out and stereotypes are defied! The pattern is unique on every piece, giving you a variety of options for your designs. This look is sure to add edgy glamour to your style, along with lots of color.

Shiny Lacquer Effects

Shiny Lacquer

The new shiny lacquer effects feature a shiny surface and an opaque backside, for a look where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. Available in six colors, these effects fall somewhere between the crystal powder effects and opal colors. Find Ivory Cream, Dark Red, Dark Grey, Royal Red, Royal Blue, and Royal Green.

Pearl Coating: Iridescent Red

Iridescent Red Pearl

Oscillating between red and gray tones, this pearl coating merges seemingly impossible extremes. The iridescent look is created by the smooth blending of dark elephant gray in the center, surrounded by a rich and dark wine red color. This cool and edgy pearl coating is both matte and shiny at the same time.

Name it and Win!

We love the look of this pearl coating so much, we want your help giving it a fun new nickname!

***Update: This contest has ended, you voted for your favorite nickname suggestions and now we have a winner:

Lunar Sunset

Congratulations to Renee M! Her suggestion of Lunar Sunset won, and now she’ll receive the components to make a Pearl Panache necklace in the new color. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Tribute to Tribe Designed by Celine Cousteau

Tribute to Tribe

These next components were designed by Celine Cousteau, marine conservationist, humanitarian, and granddaughter of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau. You may have seen her Ocean Mysteries collection from the last Innovations launch, inspired by the depths of the ocean. This new collection includes tribal-inspired designs that remind us what it means to belong to the “human tribe”. The collection includes the oval tribe fancy stone, the rhombus tribe fancy stone, and the cross tribe pendant.

New Products and Line Extensions

Oval Rivoli Fancy Stone

Oval Rivoli

This shape features the beautiful rivoli cut with 16 straight and very precise facets. It’s perfect for combining with other pieces in the rivoli assortment. Its versatility ensures that you can use it in many styles, from rock ‘n’ roll glamour looks and refined styles, to cross-cultural mash-ups and futuristic designs.

Kite Fancy Stone

Kite Fancy Stone

This stone is shaped like a slim kite with a brilliant and contemporary cut. You can use this graphic and modern shape to create floral and mosaic designs, or use it as a standalone piece. The reduced height and weight of this stone make it ideal for ring, earring, and textile applications.

Raindrop Flatback

Raindrop Flatback

This is a smaller version of the raindrop flatback, and we love this one just as much as the larger sizes! At 6×1.7mm in size, it’s great for use in nail art or decorating other projects with limited space. Try embellishing eyewear with this fun flatback.

Triangle Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Flatbacks

Triangle Flatbacks

Mix and match these triangle flatbacks! They feature geometric triangle shapes that can be used to create wonderful mosaic-like combinations – you can even bring them together to form a square. With these triangles, individual style has no limits.

We’re so excited to start playing with these Swarovski Innovations as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. Be the first to know that they have arrived by signing up for our newsletter. You’ll receive an email as soon as they are ready to ship, and you’ll stay up to date on other cool Artbeads happenings, like sales, promotions, and more.

We’d love to know what you’re most excited about in this Innovations launch, so make sure to share with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. In the meantime, we’ll still be drooling over this sneak peek!





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