Just Announced: Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2018

Swarovski has announced their latest Innovations for Spring/Summer 2018. These Innovations are all about new perspectives, where diversity in looks and aesthetics are becoming the norm. With these Innovations, the natural and digital merge to form beautiful pieces that will help you tell a story through your jewelry. These phenomenal pieces eradicate boundaries and give you the ultimate freedom of expression. We’ve got a sneak peek right here of all of the upcoming beads, colors, shapes, and more. Take a look to see what’s on-trend for the upcoming season.

Iridescent Dark Blue and Iridescent Light Blue Crystal Pearl Coatings


These new pearl coatings fit well with both romantic and modern looks. You’ll love the magical play of light and dark blue color in each shade. Iridescent Dark Blue is created by smoothly blending sapphire blue in the center and purple on the outside. Iridescent Light Blue blends light blue in the center with light violet on the outside. The silky matte effect creates an interesting look, where the pearls appear both matte and shiny at the same time. These classic and timeless shades are suitable for all seasons. When used together, these colors reflect the demand for companionship and togetherness. While they look great in combination with each other, they are also ideal as standalone pieces. These pearls remind us of juicy blueberries and magical bluebells.

Skull Flatback


We were blown away by these bold skull flatbacks and we think you will be, too! This striking crystal is the first skull shape in the flatback assortment. This iconic look is realized with a sophisticated crystal cut to add a special touch to any design. These flatbacks have a distinctive expression thanks to the molded eyes combined with a multilayer crystal cut. They are easy to add to jewelry designs thanks to the flat and solid construction. We can’t wait to layer them with spikes and studs for an edgy glam look! Go all out and pair them with the popular Swarovski skull bead.

Baroque Bead


From the very bold skull flatback, we travel into the world of softer elegance with the Baroque Bead. This beautiful bead plays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history in radiant crystal detailing. With its flat pear multi-curved outer shape, you can blend it into luxurious bead strands or create floral and ray-shaped sew-on patterns. Light, airy, and flat, this bead adds little additional weight to any finished product. Wouldn’t they look stunning paired with strands and strands of pearls? We can see a wonderful Marie Antoinette style with these beads. They work perfectly with Swarovski’s Baroque Pendants.

Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone


Just like the Baroque bead, the Baroque Mirror fancy stone harkens back to an era of filigree and lace. This ornate fancy stone is the perfect vintage design. It features a lightweight feel and a low profile, so you can easily integrate it into rings or earrings, in addition to textile designs. The classic oval shape works in a wide variety of designs. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your projects. Wouldn’t it look just marvelous surrounded by an intricate seed bead bezel or embedded into epoxy clay?

Illusion Collection Designed by Chris Bangle for Swarovski’s Designer Edition Series


This collection includes tilted fancy stones in a variety of mind-bending styles. The tilted take on crystal geometry manages to exude both space and dimension, even while appearing intrinsically flat. The combination of partly coated effects with a precision cut surface creates an optical illusion. Evocative and dimension-defying, each tilted stone feels like a small work of art and inspiration. The tilted chaton stone features a geometric design with an angular bottom tip and a round top. The tilted spike stone features a pointed tip on the top and bottom. The tilted dice stone offers completely new possibilities thanks to the illusion of a cube-like shape. Add these beauties to your bead embroidery projects for out-of-this-world style.

Pave Drop Pendant


This 360 degree pave setting merges sparkling crystal with metal and streamlined shapes. Polar opposites come together to create a perfect hybrid of highly individualistic designs. You’ll love the elegant, filigree pave finish. The beautifully elongated silhouette and classic outline is ideal for earrings and pendants alike. Use it as a single eye-catching element in necklaces or as a center piece in decorative statement jewelry. This pendant is perfect for creating jewelry for a night on the town! It’s sure to add a little glitz and glamour to your wardrobe.

New Shiny Lacquer Effects


Last but not least, new Shiny Lacquer effects add some refreshing color to this Innovations launch. These beautiful additions to the Shiny Lacquer line are half opaque and half shiny, for a classic yet on-trend look. Each piece matches sophisticated shine with refined sparkle. A premium lacquer coating is applied to the backside of each stone, to create an opaque color that shines through the glittering crystal. These new colors are updates on classic summer tones with a hyper-real edge for lively styles with bold expression. Summer Blue is cool and airy, Peony Pink provides a sweet floral hue, Mint Green is a rejuvenating splash of color, Light Coral is vibrant and fun, and Azure Blue will put you in mind of a tropical ocean.

These Innovations are now available here. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below, or speak your mind on our Facebook page. Want a closer look at these beautiful crystals now that they have been released? Check out our live video:

What will you make with these fabulous new Swarovski stunners?


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    The Iridescent beads looks great!

    • Janet Abernethy
    • May 23, 2019

    I just bought some of the dark blue baroque. They are gorgeous. I am going to make a wedding set for the bridesmaids. I can’t wait to see if what I am envisioning will be as pretty when done. The iridescent pearls are beautiful as well.

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