TOHO Seed Beads and the Glowing Bride

Glowing TOHO Beads

Have you ever seen those glow in the dark stars and moons you could stick to ceilings? These were staples in many a child’s bedroom and it was always fun to turn off the lights and see what constellations would appear. Young or old, people seem to be fascinated with magical glowing products. If you miss the days of glowing stars and moons, or just want to try something new in your jewelry, we’ve added glow in the dark TOHO seed beads to our website and they are tons of fun!

Glow in the dark TOHO seed beads

By day they appear to be ordinary seed beads, but turn off the lights and they light up with an ethereal glow. Just watch this video to see the fun glowing effect take over in the dark:

It would be awesome to play with these seed beads in loom and peyote stitch projects. You could add a secret message or design to your bracelets that only shows up in the dark. They are also great options for Halloween themes. Use them to make glowing ghosts or eerie zombies. We think they would make a nice complement to sci-fi and alien themes, as well. Why not try making a glow in the dark constellation pattern to correspond with your Zodiac sign? There are so many ways to get glowing with these beads.

For a more futuristic and fashionable take, you could try these glowing seed beads in a bridal ensemble.

Bead Embroidered Wedding Dress from Yumi Katsura
Bead Embroidered Wedding Dress from the Yumi Katsura 50th Anniversary Grand Collection

TOHO seed beads were spotted on the runway in Yumi Katsura’s 50th Anniversary Grand Collection. Under the blacklight, the beads made this couture gown light up magnificently. Just think of wearing this wedding dress during your first dance. It would make the whole experience a magical dream. You could certainly DIY this look with subtle glowing accents here and there, either on a dress or a veil. What do you think, Brides?

Shop our new Glow in the Dark TOHO seed beads here and let us know what you want to make with these exciting cuties in the comments below.

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