TierraCast Spot & Whiskers Collection – Perfect for Pet-Themed Jewelry

Our friends at TierraCast are at it again with the new Spot & Whiskers collection. This time, the components are all about pets! This mini collection is dedicated to our fur babies in honor of National Pet Month coming up in April. This collection came to life when TierraCast commissioned California artist Megan Manessalian to sketch some whimsical cat and dog drawings as a tribute to the fiercely loyal and cherished companions we bring into our families. The result is this wonderful collection, which includes cat and dog charms, a bone charm and a dog house, and a paw button. We’re diving into the collection here with some inspiration from the designers at TierraCast and a few looks our designers Cynthia and Cheri created.

Best Friends Necklaces

TierraCast Spot & Whiskers Dog and Cat Necklaces

Cats and dogs can easily become anybody’s best friend, so why not honor your furry friend with a necklace? TierraCast’s designers came up with these necklaces to help keep your pet with you always.

Best Friends Necklaces Components List:
Dog Necklace:
Gold-Plated Pewter Spot Dog Charm (Qty 1)
Antique Gold Noveau Bail (Qty 1)
2mm Round Leather Cord (Qty 2 Feet)
Gold-Plated Brass Taj Cord End Cap (Qty 2)
Antique Gold Love My Dog Charm (Qty 1)
Gold-Plated Trigger Clasp (Qty 1)
Small Oval Open Jump Ring (Qty 2)
Small Round Open Jump Ring (Qty 2)
Gold-Plated Cable Chain (Qty 1 Foot)

Cat Necklace:
Silver-Plated Pewter Whiskers Cat Charm (Qty 1)
Antique Silver Noveau Bail (Qty 1)
Turquoise Suede (Qty 2 Feet)
Swarovski SS9 Flatbacks (Qty 120)
Rhodium Open Heart Charm (Qty 1)
12x7mm Stainless Steel Lobster Claw (Qty 1)
Small Oval Open Jump Ring (Qty 2)
Medium Oval Open Jump Ring (Qty 1)
Round Open Jump Ring (Qty 2)
Silver-Plated Cable Chain (Qty 1 Foot)
24 Gauge Silver Artbeads Designer Wire (Qty 1)

Dog Speak Necklaces

TierraCast Spot & Whiskers Bone Necklaces

The designers at TierraCast got creative with these necklaces, showcasing the bone charm from the Spot & Whiskers collection at the center. Letter beads spell out doggy phrases to one side of each necklace. Try spelling out your dog’s name, too!

Dog Speak Necklaces Components List:
Bark Necklace:
Antique Silver-Plated Pewter Bone Charm (Qty 1)
Silver Alphabet Beads
B (Qty 1)
A (Qty 1)
R (Qty 1)
K (Qty 1)
12x7mm Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Clasp (Qty 1)
Silver Cable Chain (Qty 2 Feet)
2-Inch 21 Gauge Eye Pin (Qty 1)
Small Round Open Jump Ring (Qty 2)
Medium Round Open Jump Ring (Qty 3)

Woof Necklace:
Antique Gold-Plated Pewter Bone Charm (Qty 1)
Gold Alphabet Beads
W (Qty 1)
O (Qty 2)
F (Qty 1)
Gold-Plated Trigger Clasp (Qty 1)
Gold Cable Chain (Qty 2 Feet)
2-Inch 21 Gauge Eye Pin (Qty 1)
Small Round Open Jump Ring (Qty 2)
6mm Gold Jump Ring (Qty 3)

Loyalty Bracelet

TierraCast Spot & Whiskers Pet Bracelet

This sweet bracelet showcases all of the elements of man’s loyal best friend. TierraCast designers added the dog, dog house, and bone charm from the new collection and mixed in other pet-themed charms. The paw print button makes a wonderful matching clasp for this design. The barrel beads keep all of the charms nicely spaced out on the cord. You can choose any color cord to make this a more personalized design.

Loyalty Bracelet Components List:
Paw Button (Qty 1)
Paw Charm (Qty 1)
Spot Dog Charm (Qty 1)
Bone Charm (Qty 1)
Dog House Charm (qty 1)
Love My Dog Charm (Qty 1)
Barrel Spacer Bead (Qty 7)
Faceted Spacer Bead with 2mm Hole (Qty 2)
Medium Oval Open Jump Ring (Qty 5)
2mm Cotton Cord (Qty 2 Feet)

Smitten Kitten Earrings

TierraCast Spot & Whiskers Jewelry Inspiration

Our designers also had fun with this adorable collection. Cheri created these Smitten Kitten earrings with the cat charm and paw button. You could easily switch out the cat charm for the dog option if you’re more of a dog lover! It’s also fun to play with color in this design, by using a different bead on the link at the center of the design.

Puppy Love Bangle

TierraCast Spot & Whiskers Collection Jewelry Inspiration

Cheri also made this sweet bangle. This Puppy Love look pairs the bone, dog, and dog house charm with a lovely heart charm decorated with a Swarovski flatback. All of the charms dangle from the loop of the bangle for a cute clustered look. You could also space the charms out on the bangle for a different look. Try using TierraCast’s alphabet charms to add the name of your special pup to this design.

Pets Remembered

TierraCast Spot & Whiskers Jewelry Inspiration

Cynthia wanted to make a keepsake with the new Spot & Whiskers collection. She added charms from the collection to this bracelet, along with other charms, to honor her pets both past and present. Three dog charms are included for her three dogs Fiona, Bodhi, and Brindle. She added the crown because Fiona rules the house and the sun charm represents how her pets light up her life. The Swarovski cushion stone at the center and the laser-etched dagger beads add even more color and dimension.

We hope these designs inspire you to make something that celebrates all things pets! What pets will you be honoring with this new collection? Let us know in the comments below. You can also share pet jewelry you’ve made on our Facebook page. Include a picture of your pet, we love seeing everyone’s fur babies!

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