Meet the Designer – Tracy Proctor from TierraCast

Meet Tracy Gonzales

We love all of the designers we get to work with here at Their work is so inspiring and they always give us new ideas for making more jewelry. Tracy Proctor is a designer for TierraCast and she has made some beautiful creations that we’ve featured on the website over the years.

Tracy Gonzales TierraCast
Tracy’s Keira necklace, Button Up bracelets, and Ripples in Harmony earrings

Tracy lives in idyllic Northern California where she works for TierraCast. She has a degree in art and a widely varied art and design background. Her role as Jewelry Designer and Product Educator at TierraCast has given her broad jewelry making experience, plus the constant opportunity to come up with clear, engaging, and fun ways to share that knowledge in different ways, from videos online to workshops and demos at trade shows and events. She’s even had jewelry projects published in numerous magazines. She always enjoys the challenge of finding new and beautiful ways to use a wide range of components, materials, and techniques.

We asked Tracy a few questions about jewelry-making to give you a glimpse at this amazing designer. Read her answers to our questions below!

Do you have a favorite finish (silver, gold, etc.)?

I am a brass or silver girl.

Do you have dreams about beading?


Does your family think you have too many beads? Or tools?

No – most of jewelry-making happens here at TierraCast (and my supplies at home are well-organized!)

Is your dining room now your beading studio?

No – I have a desk/workbench in the corner of my living room.

Cynthia likes to listen to very loud music when she makes jewelry (at home). What about you? What keeps your creativity flowing?

I am most inspired by “gifting”, meaning I need to create something to give to someone else. I am currently distracted by crocheting hats for babies!

Feel free to answer these questions for yourself in the comments below and be on the lookout for more interviews with the fabulous designers we work with. Happy beading!

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    • Loretta S. from Long Island, NY
    • April 21, 2018

    Hi, Artbeaders! I appreciate the access that Artbeads gives me to designers like Tracy. Creative gals like her inspire me.

    • Kim C
    • April 26, 2018

    Thanks for the insight. I love to know where people “come from” both location but also approach wise or creatively speaking. Nice interview. PS: Loud music is a new 1 …lil trivia about Cynthia;).

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    • Anne Duffy
    • October 9, 2019

    Thank you for your inspiration. I have only recently moved from wire wrapping to bead weaving and loving the challenge. I use my time in creating pieces that can be given as gifts to the underprivileged in our community. Anne

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