New Caravan Collection from TierraCast

TierraCast has been surprising us with a series of small collections this year. We swooned over the intergalactic style of the Intermix collection, delighted in the Vida Mas Dulce pieces, and just adored the Spot & Whiskers collection. The latest collection will take you on a mesmerizing journey through the Middle East. The Caravan collection draws from the beauty of this region with its motifs, shapes, and patterns. You’ll see the inspiration in the rounded shapes, elegant curves, and the intricate patterns found in this collection. It includes lovely links and toggle clasps, as well as TierraCast’s first ever magnetic clasp. Let’s dive into some jewelry inspiration from the designers at TierraCast and learn more about this amazing selection of high-quality pewter components.

TierraCast Caravan Collection Inspiration

TierraCast designer, pattern and tooling facilitator, and parts maker Kierston Aiello originated the concept for the Caravan collection. You may have seen her Nobility necklace design for the Soulful Spirit collection on our website. Here’s what Kierston has to say on her inspiration for the collection:

Second only to my passion for metalsmithing is my love and enthusiasm for Art History. It was my major in college, and I continue to dive headfirst into any book about the arts. I especially love the art of South Asia as well as Islamic traditions in textiles and tiling. In designing this new collection I was inspired by the intricate detailing that is so masterfully applied in the material culture of these regions. I incorporated granulation, a fascinating ancient decorative technique, into our Marrakesh link. For our Mehndi drop, I was heavily inspired by the architectural shapes of mosques and temples and the rich tradition of Mehndi.¬

Kierston’s passion for this art is apparent in the collection. Every piece features beautiful details and provides creative options for your style. Take a look at the jewelry TierraCast’s own designers came up with for this collection:

Eastern Mystic Earrings and Necklace

TierraCast Caravan Jewelry Set

In this jewelry set, the antique silver Hamsa hand link is used as a chandelier piece for the earrings. Chain swag drapes under the hand, along with seed bead, dagger bead, and gemstone dangles. The Hamsa hand is an ancient symbol believed to defend against the evil eye and draw health and good fortune to the wearer. The necklace in this set showcases the magnetic lotus clasp at the center of the design. Chain dangles from this piece, as well, and you’ll even find TierraCast’s lotus tube bead and their Swarovski flame charm setting.

Temple Bracelet

TierraCast Caravan Collection Bracelet

This bracelet combines warm gemstone colors reminiscent of far-off deserts with the Mehndi drop charm and the Temple clasp set from the Caravan collection. This clasp features three openings on the loop component, so you can add dangles like TierraCast’s designers did here.¬†Henna artwork often features detailed patterns like the ones seen on the Mehndi charm and is typically applied for wedding celebrations. The Temple clasp shape will put you in mind of domed temple rooftops, like the ones on the Taj Mahal.

Panja Bracelet

TierraCast Caravan Hand Harness Inspiration

The Temple style from this collection is also available as a ring link, which is used at the center of this hand harness style, often associated with the Middle East. Again, the loops on the link provide convenient connection points for the bracelet portion of the design, while the wider ring allows it to extend to the finger. This bracelet also uses a gold lotus magnetic clasp at the back to keep it secure.

Marrakesh Hoop Earrings

TierraCast Caravan Collection Earrings

These earrings pair up the Marrakesh link in an exciting hoop style. This link has a lovely scalloped look with lots of pretty details. Marrakesh is a city in Morocco and is home to a wide variety of beautiful mosques, palaces, and gardens that surely provided inspiration for the fascinating style of this link. Each link features five openings, so there are plenty of places to connect other components and add dangles. You can add something to each opening, or use only the ones you need. This design features a beaded link at the center connected to the two Marrakesh links with jump rings. A dangle hangs from the center opening on the bottom link. The earwire is attached to the center opening on the top link.

Hamsa Tassel Necklace

TierraCast Caravan Collection Necklace

Finally, TierraCast offers another example for how to use the Hamsa hand link and the lotus clasp. The Hamsa hand pairs nicely with a tassel as the focal of this mala-style necklace. Gemstone stunners dangle from the openings at each finger. A large gemstone focal at the top of the hand makes a beautiful statement and once again, the lotus clasp shines at the front of the design, keeping this cool knotted necklace secure.

We can’t wait to start using these gorgeous Caravan collection pieces in our designs. Which ones are your favorites? Is there a certain culture or art that inspires your style? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see more!

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    • Sally
    • December 3, 2019

    Do you have the instructions for the Panja Bracelet available?

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